“No Rights Which the White Man is Bound to Respect”

Black Skeptics condemns the failure of the St Louis grand jury to indict killer cop Darren Wilson for the lynching of unarmed youth Michael Brown and join people of conscience around the world in mobilizing against state violence and law enforcement impunity this week in peaceful protest:


“No Rights Which the White Man is Bound to Respect”
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5 thoughts on ““No Rights Which the White Man is Bound to Respect”

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    Just one little thing. They didn’t “fail”. A terrorist assassinates an innocent teen. A “jury” with a majority of 9 white supremacists decides that there is no suspicion of a crime that would warrant a trial. But they take their sweet time so as to make it appear that their decision hasn’t been fixed from the beginning. The black population continues to live in fear – which means less resistance to exploitation – while the pretense of a legitimate “Justice system” has been maintained. Seems like a fucking successful operation. But then, that’s just my subhuman parasite brain talking.

      1. I am not at all surprised about the grand jury’s disgusting decision. I would have been very very surprised had the jury been mostly poor black people — but it should have been.

        As W,E,B, Du Bois said: “A system cannot fail those whom it never was intended to protect.”

        I don’t have any easy answers to this — only that mass protests and workplace sit-ins must continue. The 1% don’t care about human needs, but they do care about their precious property, so — we need many more workplace sit-ins and city shut-downs — until this whole corrupt system is reformed.

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    And now, the prosecutor says that the person he crowed about as having backed Wilson’s story..lied. And he knew she was lying when he put her on the stand, and did it anyway, and used her testimony to justify the decision. And there were others he put up to testify who he knew were lying. And he is not planning on charging any of them with perjury. The system worked exactly as it was designed to work.

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