In Solidarity w/Ferguson sick of your colorblind bullshit

White America:

Michael Brown.

The young man was on his way to college the next day.

Yet he was brutally executed by fascist police state thugs in occupied territory and left to bleed in the street like a dog.

He did everything that white America claimed he should do to keep from being branded a savage and was murdered in cold blood.

White people this will never ever happen to your children.  White women this will never (see below) ever happen to your little girls.

Don’t come on here with any racist colorblind bullshit platitudes.

Michael Brown












Aiyanna Jones
Aiyanna Jones


Aiyanna Jones, murdered for sleeping while black, Detroit PD, 2010





Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell, murdered for walking while black, LAPD 1999










Tyisha Miller

Tyisha Miller, murdered for being incapacitated while black, Riverside, CA PD 1998

In Solidarity w/Ferguson sick of your colorblind bullshit

14 thoughts on “In Solidarity w/Ferguson sick of your colorblind bullshit

  1. 1

    Fuck colourblind.

    I see you, Dr. Hutchinson.

    And I see the victims of the fascists.

    And I see the fucking media taking the usual shitbag stand, how “righteously and rightly angry protest” becomes “riots and looting” if the complexion makes the connection, and how they will soon begin trying Michael Brown for the crime of rudely getting in the way of that police officer’s bullets.

    And an almost completely white – and male – police department “serving” a community that is two-thirds Black.

    And a “justice” system that is nothing of the sort, and which will inevitably absolve this murdering asshole, because they’ll move the trial – if there even is one – out of Ferguson because the people of Ferguson will be “too emotional” about it. Because of course white people are never emotional about our decisions.

    Fuck colourblind. It’s flat-out racist murder.

    1. 1.1

      Thanks CC. First protest I went to as a child was in 1979 when Eulia Love, a black woman, was murdered at her home by white LAPD thugs. We are still living and fighting the nightmare in Amerikkka.

  2. 2

    I literally cannot imagine, because white privilege.

    I’m going to find out if there’s a local gathering for the Moment of Silence on Thursday. There’s a local movement dedicated to finding justice for a young Black man killed about ten years ago, I expect that group will be doing something. I’m in Canada, where we like to pretend this never happens, because we’re so superior morally to you USans – it is of course bullshit, as it happens here to First Nations and Black Canadians all the time, at the hands of police.

    It’s happening so often now. My cousin is Black, and I cannot (again) imagine how scary it must be for her and her two sons. I know she’s had The Talk about how to deal with police already, and they’re only 7 and 5.

    And the brutality in Ferguson, the closed airspace “to protect the safety of law enforcement”, the lines of police cars keeping the press out (not that they seem to be trying very hard to get in) while they bomb tear gas into people’s backyards and force them indoors…it’s a nightmare, or it should be.

    Thanks for writing about this. It has to be really hard.

  3. 3

    Armed white Americans are a threat to anyone who doesn’t look like them. They’re under the delusion that they’re cowboys and anyone with dark skin is nothing more than cattle to them. Found a stray one? Shoot it, save yourself some work. That’s how they think. It’s nothing more than a game to them. The destroyed lives of the families of their victims mean nothing to them. They’re not even real lives to them. They just move on in their game. Compassion for yesterday’s victims? Come on this is today, and hey, Robin Williams is dead.

    They spend their time living out their trivial white pleasures while others have to feel like survivors everytime they pass by a bunch of cops and nothing happens. Yeah gypsies know the feeling. Like when they come to your place, yank out some random piece of your camper, and tell you to prove it wasn’t stolen. Break some random stuff because they “had to” look for drugs. Drag a random young male away because they “heard him” insult them when no one else did. And always with a sadistic smile on their face and totally sure they’ll get away with it because they will. After all, who’d care about some black kid or gypsy kid or Puerto Rican kid? If the white public hears about it at all then it’s gonna be some “neutral” story that really makes it sound like the kid deserved it. It’s not like it’s a gang of armed terrorists in costumes vs. an innocent child. Nope. In the white virtual reality it’s “the police”, the good guys who keep “our” America safe vs. some dark and scary contaminant who just posed as a child.

    And just in case you thought the whites in Europe were better, no they’re not. They’re the same everywhere. A few are ok, a lot of them are criminals, and the vast majority are just indifferent jerks who won’t let any distractions stop them from enjoying the pleasures of white supremacy.

      1. Civilians in Europe aren’t usually armed although cops are. Harrassment at the hands of cops is a daily experience for a number of minority groups. The ones who know my ethnicity usually assume I’m a sex worker and an addict. As a result I get searched about once a week, both in Switzerland where we live and on the other side of the German border where my in-laws live. Often by the same cops who already know me and should know that I have nothing to do with drugs. I guess they just keep hoping they’ll find something in my bag eventually. Same shit we had to put up with in the U.S. Oh and did I mention, my nephew just got sent to juvie in France for something white kids regularly get a few hours of community service for? I’m sick and tired of this.

  4. 4

    and leaving his body out on the street for four hours? I can’t really think of a good reason to do that aside from insuring he dies of his wounds, and to send a message to the rest of the community.

  5. 7

    I keep a running list on my Facebook wall (tagged #policestate) of all the news stories that I see of cops killing people (and it’s nearly always Black people) and other abuses of power. There are hundreds from just the past few years. Only citing three other cases of murder by the police is being downright kind to the police state apparatus, so if anyone complains or tries to play apologetics, I think we can assume it’s in bad faith, at minimum the result of willful ignorance on the subject.

    The cops shooting Brown was bad, perhaps even more callous than most police murders, and putting the town under martial law with a media blackout and no-fly zone is an additional evil. Having never lived in a war zone nor a society that constantly, violently oppresses people who look like me, I don’t really know what it’s like to live with that constant threat. I just know it’s intolerable that any people – and especially particular groups of people on the basis of appearance or heritage – have to worry about the state executing them in their own homes, simply for existing. And here I am talking all about my perspective, so I’m going to shut up and listen as soon as I say one more thing: end the police occupation of Ferguson, MO.

    1. 7.1

      The three cases were cited because they were black women and girls — cases and faces that are generally not associated with police murder/terrorism due to the racist/sexist marginalization of black women’s lives.

  6. 8

    These are so common that anybody should be able to tell that it’s open season on Black people by both the cops and any person with a gun deemed sufficiently white and American.

    The cops have no shame either, they’re a gang of thugs proud to be what they are, and they do anything and everything to fight any sort of accountability. And yeah, as said above, they tend to perform their actions with the typical /smirk/smirk/ that lets you know why they really wanted a badge and a gun.

  7. 10

    Don’t compare this case to legitimate police brutality and unwarranted violence. It only helps them make the case for arming the police with even more weapons and training them be more violent. The police across the country are being militarized with MRAPS, grenades, etc. They are also being given more and more authority without responsibility. Where is the outrage over the man choked to death in New York for doing nothing wrong. “I saw him with his eyes wide open and I said, ‘Babe, don’t leave me, I need you.’ But he was already gone,” said his wife, Esaw, who is the mother of their six children. “When I kissed my husband this morning, I never thought it would be for the last time,” she told NY Daily News.

    Eric Garner died because he was black. Michael Brown really didn’t. Why aren’t our black “leaders” talking about this? Why don’t you know about this? Because our black leaders know that everybody, white and black, would stand together for Eric Garner and they would have no controversy, no racial tension, no media coverage…….There is no money or power in it…..sad.

    Don’t cry for Michael Brown, cry for Eric Garner, and cry for a society where we defend a man who did a lot wrong. Michael Brown did not deserve to die, but his actions, more than his skin color, contributed to his demise. Eric Garner did nothing to provoke the police and was actually breaking up a fight.

    Michael Brown unquestionably was NOT brutally murdered. If he had been, there would be no debate or controversy. The officer probably would have been indicted. But, if all that happened, they would not have protests, riots, looting, etc. to use an excuse to give the police more guns and more power.

    Shame on us for not holding our black “leaders” accountable. But they live on the same plantation of power as the ones we should be fighting against. Shame on us for not protecting Eric Garner!

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