Black Atheists Stand in Solidarity with Week of Action for Marissa Alexander

marissa alexander week of action

To raise awareness about mass incarceration and domestic violence, Black atheist groups will participate in the Mother’s Day Week of Action for Marissa Alexander from May 9th through 18th. Alexander is a Florida mother of three who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for protecting herself against her abusive ex-spouse in 2012. In November 2013 Alexander was released on bond and is currently under house arrest awaiting a new trial, which is set for July 2014. Florida prosecutor Angela Corey is now seeking a 60-year sentence for Alexander.

Alexander’s case exemplifies the disproportionate burden criminalization, domestic violence and mandatory minimum sentencing has on African American women and communities of color. According to the Sentencing Project, the lifetime likelihood of incarceration for Black women is 1 in 19; versus 1 in 118 for white women. The Black Skeptics Group of Los Angeles and Chicago, in addition to the Chocolate City Skeptics, will participate in fundraising, letter writing and other outreach to increase awareness of the impact of prison pipelining on communities of color.

About Us: The Black Skeptics Group (BSG) is a 501c3 organization provides resources, education and outreach to non-believers of color. BSG partners with community-based organizations across the nation on projects that promote social justice and humanism.

Black Atheists Stand in Solidarity with Week of Action for Marissa Alexander

7 thoughts on “Black Atheists Stand in Solidarity with Week of Action for Marissa Alexander

  1. 2

    A 60 year sentence? That’s life in jail for this? Plenty of people who actually hurt people on purpose, or commit sex crimes get much less. A 60 year sentence for anything is illegal.

    This is nothing but thugs and bullies in the criminal justice system taking out their sadistic impulses on someone they feel entitled to piss and shit on owing to her lack of membership in the privileged classes.

  2. 4

    The insane thing is that had she shot AT him and KILLED him, she would have walked free. Thanks to the SYG laws. Or at least it works that way if you are white..

  3. K

    There’s two groups of males in this world:

    Men, who treat women like the equals they are and aren’t violent stupid gibbons


    Dumb protohominins who have the verbal IQ of an amoeba, the sense of entitlement of Elliot Rodger, and an uncontrollable urge to get their dicks wet and beat things with sticks that often results in collateral damage to actual upstanding citizens of both sexes.

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