Secular Student Alliance Matching Fund Pledge

The Secular Student Alliance has generously pledged a $1500 matching grant toward the Women’s Leadership Project’s (WLP) 2014 fundraising goals.

The WLP is a feminist humanist mentoring, leadership and social justice advocacy program for young women of color in South Los Angeles high schools. For the past several years, the WLP has successfully “pipelined” first generation students into college and careers in communities with historically low college-going, retention and graduation rates. Due to the expiration of L.A. County funding the program is in jeopardy of being discontinued.

In my home and in my community I have always understood that a higher education is not as important as having kids and staying home to clean and cook like a “real woman/ wife” does. I think of WLP as the light in the darkness. As a senior at Gardena, I had no hope or desire to go to college before WLP. I used to think it would be impossible for me to attend college because I’m undocumented.Lizeth Soria, WLP alum 2012

If you’d like to support our work, please go to our campaign to donate and help us continue to make leadership development, college-pipelining and social justice training a reality for young women in South L.A.

“The Secular Student Alliance wants to support the Women’s Leadership Project with a $1,500 matching offer. This comes with no obligation on your part, other than to keep helping young women challenge the sexism, misogyny, and homophobia that can so powerfully shape their lives.”
–August Brunsman IV, SSA Executive Director

Secular Student Alliance Matching Fund Pledge

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    To be honest, the headline for this post is not very eye-catching. I think (hope) that if you changed it to something more descriptive like “help Women’s Leadership Project meet SSA’s matching offer,” you might get a better response.

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