Zimmerman Trial & Our Racist Fans

Today is the beginning of the trial of George Zimmerman for the murder of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida last year. Martin’s killing elicited a firestorm over whether race and racism were still alive and well in the U.S. While some whites in Sanford and beyond “wonder” why this “clear” case of “Stand Your Ground” is even going to trial, Martin’s family must endure the defense’s character assassinations seeking to smear Martin as a violent drug-abusing marauder invading a tranquil white suburb. Yesterday, at the CFI book release event for Godless Americana: Race and Religious Rebels there was a heated discussion about whether racism deters people of color from joining predominantly white organizations. This morning we received this cowardly example of white supremacist tripe from the online lynch mob:

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Of course obama is against abortions and especially black abortions.
Hes looking to expand the democrat party and build more jails, baby sambos and
crackhead mommas will expand the numbers of both.
Muh Dikk!

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Zimmerman Trial & Our Racist Fans

10 thoughts on “Zimmerman Trial & Our Racist Fans

  1. 2

    That was from one of our fans in Australia.

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  2. 3

    This ish is so divided.Most of us understand what happen.Trayvon whoop the a$$ of someone following and messing with him.White/Suburban Americans don’t get that.They feel Trayvon should have answered to Zimmerman and had no right to whoop zimmermans a$$.That’s some funny,,a lot of white/suburban people feel they have a right to mess with people,and nothing should happen to them.

  3. 4

    “Online lynch mob” is appropriate. It’s chilling to think that – in a not-so-long-ago time – someone like this would undoubtedly be part of a IRL lynch mob.

  4. Pen

    Today is the beginning of the trial of George Zimmerman

    Not before time.

    invading a tranquil white suburb

    This shouldn’t exist. It doesn’t exist. You can invade someone’s home. Their yard even. But the streets and sidewalks are public property. Everywhere. It doesn’t matter who’s living around them. Ok, I can see you’re saying that’s all very well, but at least one of them enforced his imagined ‘property rights’ with a gun. I think maybe it’s just one of those things people shouldn’t be allowed to say, even absent-mindedly or with peaceful intentions. They should get called on it every time and reminded what ‘public’ means.

    there was a heated discussion about whether racism deters people of color from joining predominantly white organizations

    I see how you’re putting all these things together now. Do you think that the racism people might be likely to encounter in this case is of a different character than that of a coward profiting from internet anonymity or an even more deranged coward with a gun? I would really certainly hope so?

  5. 7

    Just remember that Zimmerman is the first person identified by ihe NY Times as a caucasian hispanic, whatever that is. Now, do you think a caucasuan hispanic has the power over black people to a rasist? Afer all the meda was so intent on this being a rascist crime they even edited Zimerman’s phone call to the local authorities. It comes down to this….was Treyvon wailing on this guy to the point where he was shot in self defense or is it just a cause of a nut shooting anyone in his way? I really think this is going to turn out to be one of those white on black phoney deals that have happened so many times the media doesn’t keep count.

  6. 8

    I don’t see why this case should be a “whose version do you believe” type of thing. Even if the jury absolutely believes every single thing that comes out of Zimmerman’s mouth — that Martin rushed him and attacked him for no reason — he should still get a fairly serious sentence — probably second degree. When he ignored the dispatcher’s advice, then got out of his car with his gun in his waistband, he was taking responsiblity for whatever would happen.

    And if Zimmerman was a black middle-aged man who was following a white teenager around in a car and then shot him, Florida would be screaming for the death penalty right about now.

    1. 8.1

      Zimmerman was already out of his car, and when the dispatcher, “SUGGESTED” he leave Martin alone, and was about to return to his car, that’s when the attack ensued… and it was MARTIN that initiated the attack!

      Also, you (brucegee) are obviously still asleep from the ’60’s… in this day & time, the black guy would walk, and the WHITE GUY would be labeled the aggressor.

      Look at Paula Deen… she uttered the word “nigger” THIRTY friggin’ years ago, and she’s getting burned at the stake. “We’re not in Kansas” anymore buddy… we’re in deepest Africa, and of course, Mexico and the Middle East!!! If something isn’t done IMMEDIATELY to take this country back, there will be “2 camels, and three broken-down cars on blocks in every yard”!!! And the house will look like it was hit by a bomb!!

      Wake up Liberals… they don’t give a shit about you either… just your vote. And after O-Bummer, your free money will go away… this country has already been broken by parasites!!

  7. 9

    Florida does have the stand-your-ground law, but with this man (NOT 12 year old BOY, as they depict) being black, and George Zimmerman (NOT WHITE) being portrayed as WHITE, the stand-your-ground “LAW” doesn’t apply. But the media has made Zimmerman WHITE, therefore he isn’t entitled to protection under this LAW!!!

    If that “neighborhood prowler” (Martin) had accosted me, I would have shot him too, no matter what color he was! This is a clear-cut example of just how LIBERAL, and RACIST this country has become. But this isn’t prejudice against people “of color”… it is racism towards the White race.

    The Liberal (Obama) agenda is to break the White race, and raise up the parasites that have engulfed this country. To see it any other way is insane, and nothing but Bleeding-Heart Liberalism, and it is totally destroying this country!!!

    Just today they (Liberal Senate) passed a bill that IGNORES the fact that millions of people, that have invaded our country through an unsecure so-called border, are granted a direct trip to citizenship! This is nothing short of rewarding criminals. It is supposed to be illegal to cross a country’s border without documentation. All the while, Obama has taken Michelle on yet another vacation, and running around spouting off about GLOBAL WARMING for God’s sake!!! This entire country is going straight into the toilet, and all he cares about is the temperature rising! The temperature is rising alright, right under Obama’s ASS!!!

    This country is heading for the biggest civil war any country has ever seen!!! And it only took ONE Islamic-Muslim, LESS THAN FIVE YEARS to completely destroy a country… the once most respected and powerful country on this EARTH!!

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