Real World Atheism: A Panel on Godless Activism & Cultural Relevancy

In a nation in which economic inequality, racial wealth gaps, mass incarceration of people of color and Christian fascist mobilization have become the rule, what are some examples of culturally relevant atheist and humanist activism?

On Friday, March 8th at 7pm, the DePaul Alliance for Free Thought, in association with the Secular Student Alliance, Center for Inquiry, African Americans for Humanism, and the Women’s Center at DePaul will host a groundbreaking panel on the state of atheism, its current predicaments regarding discrimination, and attempts to chart a path towards greater involvement in the world at large. Among other things, this provocative, timely discussion will unpack the barriers to a social, gender and racial justice vision and agenda of atheist/humanist activism.

This event is free and open to the public.

Room 103 of DePaul’s Arts and Letters Hall
2315 N. Kenmore Ave.
DePaul University
Chicago, IL 60614

Featured Panelists are:

Ian Cromwell

  • Activist and writer at FreethoughtBlogs

Sikivu Hutchinson

  • Founder of the Women’s Leadership Project
  • Writer and senior intergroup specialist for the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission
  • AAH Advisor

Ashley F. Miller

  • Writer and activist, blogger at FreethoughtBlogs
  • Currently getting PhD in Mass Communications, focusing on Women’s Studies and Reality TV

Anthony Pinn

  • Agnes Cullen Arnold Professor of Humanities and Professor of Religious Studies at Rice University
  • First African American to hold an Endowed Chair at Rice University
  • AAH Advisor

Stephanie Zvan

  • Assistant President of Minnesota Atheists
  • Blogger at FreethoughtBlogs


Real World Atheism: A Panel on Godless Activism & Cultural Relevancy

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