Black Skeptics L.A. at CFI







Is Science Infallible? Debunking Science As Savior

Where: Center for Inquiry, 4773 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

When: September 26th @ 7:30-9:00 p.m.

Contact: [email protected]

Although scientific inquiry trumps religious and astrological doctrine as a method used to understand the mysteries of the  universe and the human condition, it is not without its own flaws.

Our panel will explore, from a non-European perspective, how science, in some cases, has gotten it wrong, the ramifications that followed, and the challenges this presents in promoting skepticism and secularism in the black community.

Black Skeptics L.A. at CFI
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8 thoughts on “Black Skeptics L.A. at CFI

  1. 2

    I have low-set ears which give me criminal tendecies. I also have an Australoid Dravidian face, prognathous with heavy brow ridges and wide nasal bridge, which renders me inferior in intelligence and culture. Somehow I manage to muddle along, but it’s a struggle competing with superior individuals of the pure Nordic Aryan germ-plasm!

  2. im

    Of course, the reverse has occasionally existed, though with less power and IIRC in countries which were almost entirely inhabited by the dark-skinned, what with the whole melanism thing.

    Is this focused on specific failures of science where people let racial predjudice lead them to incorrect ontology, or is it about epistomology and flaws in the practice?

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