Our Racist Fan Club: Greatest Hits

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HAHAAAAA  OMG that freedman picture, YEP, looks like not a FUCKING THING HAS CHANGED in 200 years.

The only difference is NOW black males rape 85 year old white women and beat them to death; NOW the climb in windows, rape TV news anchors while biting chunks out of their tits & crushing their faces in with a hammer so that their teeth are found in their stomachs & their own mother doesn’t recognize her when found; NOW mobs of black teens violently attack whites who are just walking down the street, half the time they’re not even robbed – simply beaten to a pulp, into a coma/brain damage/death THEN lie and said ‘dey was racist’ as if that excuses 10 people kicking a man in the head after he’s already unconscious; NOW white people move to suburbs & pay 300K for a house because they want to keep their little boy safe ONLY to find out the kids of blacks living in NICE places are just as FUCK IGNORANT and VIOLENT as any poor ghetto trash when their little boy is beaten to death while riding his bike – witnesses said he was so scared that his feet kept pedaling his bike even when he was unconscious, on his side on the ground.  Every time I think about that I fucking tear up – when I see his policeman dad in a video interview where the reporter asked him a question and his face just collapses & he gets up and leaves – he can’t even fucking talk.

AND PLEASE NO SHIT about the EVIL whites because 94% of ALL BLACKS MURDERED are killed BY OTHER BLACK PEOPLE

NINETY FOUR FUCKING PERCENT, got that?  You are killing YOUR OWN people mother fucker.  The biggest racists out there are BLACKS and unfortunately blacks are incredibly violent INCREDIBLY AND OBVIOUSLY VIOLENT.

I don’t know why you sons of bitches CONSTANTLY lie and distract from that “every race has bad people”  YEAH that’s true, yours just has A WHOLE FUCKING LOT MORE. “statistics don’t mean a fucking thing”  UNLESS they’re the ones that show how poor & needy you are, right?  the ones that show how OPPRESSED or jobless you are, or how whites don’t want to hire you (why should they?  How many fired blacks end up robbing  a place & murdering their bosses or co-workers TONS all the fucking time, old people murdered during a break in by some ‘dude who used to do their yard work”  FUCK THAT SHIT, I never hired a fucking black to mow my lawn FOR SHIT, WHY?  So they can come back later & rob/rape me?)  Why is it that blacks always seem more comfortable ROBBING a place if there is some known connection to the person?  Like their cousin is a friend of their son or some bullshit?

OH one of my favorite stories.  A black guy who had been a whites boys best friend all through high school & now they were both in their early 20′s.  EVEN when blackie was arrested for rape, the white guy & his parents were at the trial EVERY DAY to support him (his own family MIA)  well, then that BLACK needed some money-SO HE ROBBED THOSE PEOPLE – and 2 people were at home – his best friend and his 3 year old little sister.  HE SHOT and killed BOTH OF THEM. The family just can’t wrap their minds around it.  WHY? WHY? He was our friend, our little girl loved him.  We would have GIVEN him the money if he had asked.

BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT BLACK MEN DO!!  Fucking back stab murderous sons of WHORES.  ISN’T IT OBVIOUS?

Talking about TRAYVON the CHILD the 17 year old 6’2″ child covered with shitty tattos (looked like jailhouse tattoos to me) and flashing gang signs online, talking about ‘fucking bitches and hoes on TWITTER talking about ‘wish I could kill every one” punching out a bus driver a WEEK BEFORE and the 17 year old black males in my home town got 4 fucking kids & been arrested 5 times, 7 times, out shooting people, and I’m supposed to say AAWWWW thats just a little child. FUCK you, no CHILD is a dope smoking, tattoo covered, thug scumbag.

My stepfather & 82 year old aunt were murdered by a 13 year old black CHILD who looked all of 11.  Couldn’t have even been 5 feet fucking tall – but he was already a murdering ‘set people on fire’ son of bitch.  TOO young for any kind of jail sentence, had the balls to shot two people and set them on FIRE, a little old lady.

I hate you, I despise blacks with my entire soul.  You have DONE NOTHING for this world, and picking cotton or harvesting TOBACCO doesn’t count. And don’t lie about blacks BUILDING AMERICA because all they did was some farm work for some jews and some rich plantation owners, less than 3% of the entire country had slaves, and the majority of them were a handful of RICH farmers. The rest of the people, the PIONEERS who went out into the wilderness & had their families murdered by indians, who built their homes with their own hands & started with NOTHING, who created and farmed THATS WHO BUILT AMERICA, not the rich cunts, not the slaves.  THE REAL HARD WORKING – WHITE people. For fucks sake, wheres all the farm work in AFRICA?  Fuckers can’t even plant a fucking FIELD and the few who do grow, what comes up is SHIT.  WHAT in AFRICA was BUILT BY BLACKS? I swear to god, the South African whites should have destroyed every fucking thing they created before they had it stolen by blacks who ancestors didn’t even LIVE ON THAT LAND.  THAT LAND WAS LEGALLY AND MORALLY THE WHITE MANS, they fought wars – they paid money & goods, they had treaties and they BOUGHT that fucking land from the ZULU NATION.

THEN THE BLACKS – AS USUAL – hey lookit that, how come you got shit and I dont, I deserve that shit I didn’t build and would never have been able to build, and I’m a corrupt lazy mother fucker GIMME THAT.

SO the government GIVES THEM MONEY to start a DAIRY FARM so they can begin to ‘feed their people’ give them hundreds cows everything.  FINALLY somebody goes out for some oversight, and what do they find?  basically NOTHING because the cows have been stolen & sold, they are not cared for, the ones there are SICK as shit and abused.  CORRUPT. KICK A WHITE MAN OFF HIS ORANGE & GRAPE farm, that his fathers father OWNED, his family is buried there. GIVE IT TO THE ZULUS, and 3 years later, scavenger blacks are breaking limbs off the orange trees for FIREWOOD, and the grapes have withered, the equipment is GONE, and nothing is left – nothing is growing – it’s all dead.  FUCKING GREEDY INCOMPETENT SHITBAGS.

COMPLAINING ABOUT SLAVERY?  OKAY then I guess you WISH your ancestors had just stayed in Africa?  Because the blacks I know who visit africa come back to the U.S. and kiss the fucking GROUND, they are HAPPY to be there.  BESIDES the only reason your male ancestors were sold by black africans to begin with is because they would have killed them anyway. Captured ‘warriors’ in battles were unwanted & not needed, they were killed.  THe ‘sellers’ considered it a MERCY to sell them into slavery as then they would at least have a chance to live. You don’t know a FUCKING THING. believe me, HOW I wish there had been no black slaves, then I wouldn’t have to look at your ugly face, or smell that STENCH in the summer of a smell I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO RECOGNIZE AS THE SMELL OF BLACKS.  WHY DO I HAVE TO SUFFER THAT?  Why do I have to KNOW what BLACK B.O. smells like.  MY great grandfather came to America as a farmer, and great grandfather is NOT THAT LONG AGO, slavery was already abolished, and that man worked his fingers to the bone, as my grandfather & father.  Nobody helped them and they never did anything harmful to ANYBODY; but STILL I have to live surrounded by the FUCK WHITEY attitude I grew up with.

OH and by the way – my mother was a total STUPID fucking brainwashed lefty liberal hippie who was all ‘poor black people (weep weep), their schools are so horrible and busing blacks to white neighborhoods is a GOOD thing – we need blah blah blah’ so here I am A KID starting to cry about the plight of blacks, get bused to the WORST fucking school in town, boy did I change my tune after I went from a quiet well organized school environment to fucking nigger dicks in the 4th grade, screaming jumping ppst ppppsssssst pssssst and when I look they’re scratching their dicks, balls, laughing filthy disgusting, threatening to ‘CUT ME’ on the playground.  HEY if you want to raise your litters like that, go ahead, keep them away from me and my fucking family.

BLACKS are the ones who taught me racism, not my IDIOT hippie family or any white people I knew, who all bought into the LIE that blacks are JUST LIKE US, except for the LOW IQs the rape, the killing, the domestic abuse, ETC.

Oh and please don’t bring up any examples of HALF WHITES of how intelligent blacks are.  There are black people in the U.S. with 75% white DNA and don’t even know it.  Watch Oprahs stupid DNA documentary where that ‘black professor of AFREAKAN studies” finds out he’s 75% white.  LMAO !!  I LAUGHED my ass off at the look on his face, man was he depressed.  It was so obvious. Now he can’t talk about how smart blacks are because LOOK AT ME, 75% white guy.  That was awesome.


Our Racist Fan Club: Greatest Hits

43 thoughts on “Our Racist Fan Club: Greatest Hits

  1. 3

    Could there be some kind of a rantbot out there?
    Bad grammar– check.
    Bad spelling– check.
    Weird punctuation– check.
    Random capitalization– double check.

    It has all of the right characteristics.
    Of course it could also be the real thing.

  2. 4

    Does every racist idiot in the universe have the same set of relatives? I heard the same dubious stories when I was a child, from my mother as justification for her hate. I didn’t believe them then, don’t believe them now.

    1. 4.1

      It has the stylistics a cluster of anecdotes that gets passed around via a chain e-mail. Very emotive, no identifying information about any of the cases. Like the ones telling you to pass the letter to everyone you know, or warning you about the dangers of aspartame.

      Blackskeptics: so sorry you have to deal with this kind of shit.

    2. 4.2

      Yes unfortunately they do; the Arkansas Tea Party official who recently made the ebonics joke about welfare lovin’ blacks and hardworkin’ whites has the same ones too.

    3. 4.3

      But even if every single one of those incidents turned out to be the purest truth, so what? Why does some guy who brutally raped a TV reporter therefore automatically represent everyone else with similar skin colour? Does that mean that all “white” people are a blend of Anders Brevik, Dennis Nilsen and Charles Manson?

      It’s nothing but fear wrapped in excuses.

      1. For a (very short, admittedly) overview of the creation of the concept of “black” being synonymous with “criminal” check out the June 29th episode of Moyers & Company. The guest was Khalil Gibran Mohammed and they (towards the end of the show) touch on the whys and hows of this view of us, as a people. Good for a quick and dirty “why” answer, anyway. Depressing as hell, when you think about how far back such a stupid and cruel assumption of automatic criminality goes, not to even mention the initial reasons for creating such an assumption/expectation in the first place.

  3. 6

    I cannot fathom this level of disconnect, deceit, and seething viciousness. I’m sorry you get letters like this – it’s fucking ridiculous.

  4. 10

    What’s interesting to me is that the author can spend time writing this drivel and, yet, can’t seem to take the time to do a Google search on African American contributions to American history. In the least it would have saved him a few paragraphs of writing. This is a random link that came up:


    Just goes to show that if you do nothing but immerse yourself in shit, you might turn out to be an expert in shit but, at the end of the day, it’s still nothing but shit.

  5. 12

    That is one long, ugly, hateful, ignorant no true scotsman fallacy. Apparently, everything bad ever done by a person of color is proof that people of color are horrible and anything good they’ve done is because they have some “white” DNA and don’t know it.

  6. 14

    How… special.

    This sort of thing makes me a little sad that reincarnation doesn’t really work. This worthy could do well to spend a few hundred years as a clam or a lizard, learning not to hate people so much.

    Here’s another piece of African-American history I like: In its early days, the U.S. Navy made extensive use of black sailors, even promoting them to petty officer positions. It was completely unfair, of course – people fighting and risking their lives for a country that had enslaved them, and was still enslaving their families. It would have been a very dangerous job even outside of combat. I imagine many of those sailors served because there wasn’t any other paying work going.

    And at that time, the racially-mixed U.S. Navy, with black sailors giving orders to white ones, was the most professional, disciplined, and effective branch of our military. In the War of 1812, the British Navy enacted an official policy that our heavy frigates were not to be engaged except by a (much bigger) ship of the line, or a squadron. (To be fair, we’d built ships of an intermediate size, and everything in their navy was either bigger or smaller.)

    In the same war, the Georgia militia – entirely white, and well-to-do enough to be soldiers in their spare time – primarily distinguished itself by raping, looting, and burning the settlements of our Native American allies, and by failing to appear against armed enemies. The New York militia, with similar demographics, famously watched a unit of federal soldiers be captured rather than assist, because the federals were outside the territory of New York state. (I had an ancestor in the New York militia during that war.) Even the federal army – less rich, but still all white – had a decidedly spotty record. In particular, they neglected the defense of Washington, DC, and let the British land a raid and set the city on fire.

    So, yeah. Facts! All checkable and stuff. Maybe your correspondent might get himself some of those.

  7. 15

    Fucking hell. Black people should all go back to Africa, except Africa belongs to white people and was stolen by ebil blacks?

    I’m ashamed to be human if I have to share that designation with this creature.

    I’m so sorry you have to put upwith this. simply for EWB – Existing While Black.

    1. 15.1

      And of course Black people came over here to the good old US of A to rape, pillage, loot and maraude of their own volition.
      EWB that’s a good one. We’ll add that to BWB (breathing while black)

  8. 19

    Lovely indeed…

    I’ve been able to find a person that perfectly fits the information that PaleBunnyInfidel has left elsewhere on the web. (Hej Rebecca!)

    I’m going to send an email to Blackskeptics with her contact info. Not sure what you’ll be able to do with it, but in any case it doesn’t hurt to know.

    1. 19.1

      Show your work. I can’t imagine a possible application for that contact information where I wouldn’t want to double-check your evidence before I used it, if it was me.

      1. I’m not going to out her apart from her first name and I have no intention of using it against her myself, except to demonstrate to her that she’s not as anonymous as she thinks she is. I hope she’s reading this.

        Showing how I found who she is would out her immediately. There is also a very remote possibility that the person using that IP address is trying to “frame” an innocent Rebecca.

          1. Yeah, it seems so. I don’t want to go into details because I don’t want to completely out anyone, but I think that the person who posted that is almost certainly a woman living in Sweden named Rebecca.

            If anyone has been directly targeted and abused by her and wants to find out more about who she is I’m happy to say more in private.

        1. Oh, and leaving the amateur sleuthing aside, this was a pretty awful thing to read. Maybe the address in Sweden means Americans aren’t alone in the racist screed department.

          You know, I really wonder if somewhere there *is* a rantbot out there. Sounds like a moneymaker for a political campaign outfit…

        2. I read this whole thing assuming that the reader was male and from the south of the USA. It really doesn’t sound like a Swedish female – for one thing, Swedes learn British English at school, not US English. Most of them can spell. For another, that level of anger is commoner in men, and commoner in the USA than Europe. The political views are waaaay commoner in the USA. It’s writer’s extended family has lots and lots of black neighbours (or more likely, the extended family doesn’t exist, but s/he takes black neighbours and ghettos for granted), but Sweden has so few blacks that the wikipedia page on Swedish demographics (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Sweden) doesn’t have a group for blacks or Africans, just 3.5% “others”.

          OK, maybe Rachael is a really unusual Swede, or an American who’s moved to Sweden, but I think a sock-puppet or a frame up are much more likely.

          And you know, sock puppets and frames would fit the personality behind this disgusting rant. I’m sorry you get landed with this sick, revolting lunacy.

  9. 20

    The amount of heinous stupidity in this “fan mail” is staggering. Even if the premise about the current circumstances of African-Americans were true… What is it with shouting “but stuff has changed since!” So what? British onlookers might as well ask “but the United States are not an English colony either, so why go on about independance and freedom from us?”

  10. 21

    Scary thought, that diatribe is the self-censored public version of what he really thinks and feel. It is not his heart of darkness. Reading it, and the wording of the details I’m not entirely sure if he is disgusted by, or jealous of, those black males. He clearly seems to be in awe of their power, their will, their willingness to exploit others without a touch of empathy or guilt. Ayn Rand was similarly in awe of violent sociopaths and patterned characters after them and their shameless ways.

  11. 22

    At first, reading that, I thought there was so much crazy in there that we were dealing with someone who lost touch with reality a long time ago. Then, as others have pointed out, I realised that the letter was like every bigoted chain email/facebook rant/whatever copied, pasted and collated.

    Which means it’s not crazy. It’s a simple reflection of the sick amount of hate that lies just beneath the surface of the status quo.

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