Sikivu Hutchinson at Freethought Arizona

Freethought Arizona, Tucson

January 22nd @ 10 a.m., Duval Auditorium, 1501 N. Campbell Avenue

Sikivu on Culturally Relevant Humanism: Despite media fantasies of post-racialism and post-feminism, the U.S. remains a deeply segregated, separate and unequal nation. The election of President Barack Obama brought heady claims of equality, yet anti-secularist, xenophobic Tea Party-style white nationalism is on the rise. So while the mainstream New Atheist movement battles over science and the separation of church and state, atheists, freethinkers, and humanists of color bring an entirely different set of priorities to the table.  Sikivu will discuss these challenges, providing a social justice lens for Humanism that goes beyond Kumbaya.

Sikivu Hutchinson at Freethought Arizona

5 thoughts on “Sikivu Hutchinson at Freethought Arizona

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    When does it end, I wonder?
    When, hopefully, a relative handful of enlightened, wizened ones will control all power and social intercourse for the good of, betterment of (at the total expense of) all the rest of the proles?
    “Social justice’, Ms. Hutchinson?
    Will you be amongst those who run the plantation?

    I wonder as well, Ms. Hutchinson, that ginning up the ignorant, empty-headed masses on infantile petty grievances their mommies and daddies never grew them up to properly handle, and gas-jetting the fuel of hatred and class envy into their pitiable mushy heads (the basest of emotions any savvy demagoque/Machiavelli-ite can easily manipulate)has deeply fattened your pocketbook, apparently.

    Classic oligarchical collectivism, 101.
    All the “useful idiots” faithfully line up for it, peasant wooden spoons at the ready for the sloppings.

    A little personal aggrandizement at the expense of the restive, milling swine?

    I am a black man, in America, whose father was an avid black pride devotee, raised on and rooted in Malcolm X and Bob Law; I have every reason to begrudge “whitey” with the best of them. But you know what, Sikivu Hutchinson? I don’t.

    I’ll tell you why: because I grew up, emotionally and psychologically,a characteristic which sadly has fallen out of favor in today’s popular victim-laden ethos. With people like you, it’s all, always, “someone else’s” fault.

    I guess that’s what got YOU out of bed to a book signing (in America, no less, that hates Black People and keeps us down and takes away our freedom to have our say)–to make a huge capitalist profit hawking misery, hatred, envy, and ingratitude to the great unwashed masses. Thou hypocrite.


    You are highly blessed to be in this country, with the freedoms (our forebears fought for and earned) that you enjoy, and the liberty that you bask in. Yet perversely, all you can do is bitch about the Country and Nation (imperfect as it is) that bends over backward to provide those freedoms.

    You teach people to hate those freedoms, to scorn their own liberty, to repudiate profit or property or pride of place in this once-great, tiny island of freedom that is America.

    Worse than an ingrate, you are simply sad.

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    I am proud to be your fellow American. I am not an African American but I have been married to an African born American woman for nearly seven years.

    Ms. Martin seems to see the “free thought movement” as subservient to her “social justice” agenda. That somehow atheists and agnostics must acknowledge her dogma of racial hatred to qualify as “humanists”.

    My wife, having come from Ethiopa, a country that was never colonized, has escaped the mental drivel that is the succor of so many victimization junkies here in the US and the rest of Africa.

    It seems Ms. Hutchinson is eager to spoon this Marxist drivel to anyone that wants to “open” the movement to “people of color”.

    If that is what it takes to bring her into the fold she can stand outside the gates of reason selling her nonsense to gullible believers for all I care.

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