Damn Tim Tebow…

I got texts from 3 different disgruntled non-believing friends when that game went final.

Now of course we know we have the better argument : “You want me to believe in a god that allows 29,000 children to starve to death in a three month period is somehow intervening in Tim Tebow’s success on the football field?” And so on….

Still, it’s annoying to have to endure the knuckleheads’ preening until Denver finally plays a real team and loses to the….Packers in the Super Bowl?  We’ll be able to smugly say “What happened to Jesus?” then.

But will the apologetic be “We’ll he wouldn’t have even gotten that far were it not for THE LORD.”?

I give up.  I guess if iron chariots were too much for the Almighty to handle, Aaron Rodgers is an insurmountable challenge.

Damn Tim Tebow…

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    It bugs me that everyone keeps calling this inexplicable or unbelievable. I think it is perfectly believable. The Bronco’s tied the game in the final two minutes with a touchdown and a field goal (as a Colts fan, I have seen better, but not this year *sigh*). Then, in sudden death they scored off of another field goal ending the game. 13>10. Mystery explained.

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    Dear Mr Frederick Sparks,

    To promote skepticism/critical thinking I wrote some questions for the Christian believer. Mefiante from South African Skeptics made a good translation. She is now working at the last part. The most sophisticated questions. Are you able to put the link to these questions at your blog.

    Thank you very much,

    Piet – Rotterdam – Netherlands.

    The original questions

    The translation
    The first one who did this, was Jonathan. This is a good example.

  3. F

    Oh, the lolwut post disappeared. I haz a sad.

    Yes, Tebow is mind-bendingly idiotic. You want me to believe in a god that allow Timmy to assist in circumcising little boys while others with actual medical problems go untreated? These are the sort of missionaries this god sends?

    Perhaps all these children simply haven’t ostentatiously appreciated god in public enough like Tebow. This god is like that, apparently.

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    As a long time Broncos fan I’m torn. His attitude/emotion rubs off on the rest of the team and they pull wins out of their posterior region. He’s also this annoyingly pious poster boy for the anti-choice bunch.

    Right now I don’t care if he claims to being touched by the FSM’s noodly appendage. Broncos are winning. Go Broncos!

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    I’m sorry I am actually still confused as to how a football player who is christian manages to make such huge news stories. I mean it’s not like he is the only player in the NFL who is a christian

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    Tea-boy is going down long before any championship game. Just wait for the first full strength team he has to play and watch cry-baby bawl his eyes out as he tells us how dog is teaching him humility.

  7. 13

    Tebow has been a great story with 4 quarter comebacks and OT wins, but it will come an end. The 7-1 Broncos (under Tebow) have outscored opponents by 2 points (the 8-0 Packers have outscored teams by 130+). Statheads will assure you that this isn’t sustainable – the Broncos have been outscored in regulation during this 8 game stretch by 7 points if you take away the OT games. They’be been lucky, and it will catch up with them. (ask the Bills).

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    Oh, um, by the way…
    Broncos defeat Steelers, move on to final round…

    “Damn Tim Tebow”!

    Flash-in-the-pan fake NFL quarterback wanna-be (and all that other vile, vicious excreta some of you disgorged against him)?

    –Not so much. Anymore.

    So, for all you Tim Tebow Haters in Godhaterville,
    what now?

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    The Broncos have not moved on to the “final round”. They moved on to the divisional championship which would then be followed by the conference championships, followed by Super Bowl.

    As for what now? He won a wild card game against a team with a gimpy quaterback. Even if he wins the Super Bowl…see the post above.

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