A wise man once said that “the mind of the bigot is like the eye of the pupil. The more light you shed upon it, the more it contracts.” This thought came to mind after my incredibly brief appearance (perhaps ten minutes at the most) on a recent podcast hosted by the Black Atheists of Atlanta. (Gluttons for punishment can tune in to the show on Mondays at www.wain-tv.tv. Click on “live broadcasts” from 7:00 pm-8:30 pm EST.)

The sheer hatred that the hosts of the show directed at me was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. It was the kind of hatred I would expect to have directed at me by Tea bigots and their ilk. (In fact, the Black Atheists of Atlanta seem to be a sort of Black version of the Tea Party.) I wondered why Black atheists would be so hostile toward other Black atheists. Then it dawned on me that hate often knows no bounds. Hatred often takes people places they thought they would never go. It is never satisfied. It always seeks new victims. It is an insatiable beast that must be constantly fed by any means necessary. And when all other possibilities are exhausted, it feeds upon itself.

A great example of this goes back to the Nation of Islam (NOI) during the days of Malcolm X. Members of the NOI grew to hate Malcolm and other alleged “hypocrites” as much as they hated Whites (especially Jews), homosexuals and women. Indeed, though Louis Farrakhan never implicates the NOI in Malcolm’s assassination, he admits that he helped “create the climate of hate” that ultimately led to Malcolm’s murder.

Former talk show host Phil Donahue used to say that “racism is a lot like cancer. You don’t always know you have it.” It is indeed true that many racists cannot imagine that they could possibly be racists. However, the Black Atheists have not only expressed hatred toward me. They have also expressed it toward Ayanna Watson and her organization, the Black Atheists of America, the Black Non-Theists of Atlanta, and others. They are as hostile toward us as they are toward Whites and people that engage in same-sex relations.

If you can recognize the hatred of Black bigots, they are likely to accuse you of “thinking like White people.” Even worse, they are likely to accuse you of suffering from “Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome.” Imagine that! You have crazy people trying to diagnose sane people!

I wonder how much this animosity has to do with arrogance, competition, and megalomania. After all, Black Son of the Black Atheists of Atlanta is the self-styled “King of Black Atheists.” (He also professes to be the “King of Electronics.”) From what I can gather, he seems to believe he is fit to be king because he has close ties with the NOI and members of a Black Israelite sect, two of the most reactionary (and religious!) Black groups in the U.S. In any case, perhaps Black Son is worried about pretenders to his imaginary throne. (Just for the record, I don’t want it.)

The Black Atheists of Atlanta seem to have very little complimentary to say about Black atheists, in general. They often compliment Black religious leaders such as Malcolm, Martin Luther King, Khalid Muhammad, and even the alleged sexual predator Bishop Eddie Long. Yet they never promote Black atheists in any substantive way.

When the Black Atheists of Atlanta first came to the fore under Black Son’s direction, I wondered, “why us?” Why do Black non-theists have to deal with this madness? But then it hit me with the force of a revelation. Practically every movement has its lunatic fringe. Why should we be any different? However, it is up to courageous, principled people to stand up and oppose this foolishness. We are confronted with the bigoted, reactionary lunatic fringe of atheism, and we must combat it before blind hatred makes victims of us all.


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    I am in total agreement. This group of Afrocentric Atheists" are certainly on the lunatic fringe of Atheism. I recently watched an episode where they were condemning gay and lesbian people. It was sickening to me seeing how much hatred these people got for others not like them. They are certainly suffering from the NOI and the Hebrew Israelite syndrome, hatred. Hate, Hate, Hate… We have to combat this nonsense. We can't let lunatics like these muddy the water for us that is trying to foster a better society.

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    I met Dr Hutchinson this weekend. She's not wrong. I don't think this qualifies as a 'lunatic fringe' in the sense of idiot sheep bleating on command of their chosen prophet/CEO/politician. Sometimes the lunatic fringe provides really articulate and pointed arguments for the problems of society. It's sometimes hard to move from slavering outrage to the reasoned planning and collaboration necessary for progress, but that doesn't eliminate the value of a 'lunatic fringe' that shines a glaring spotlight on problems.

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    Even the word Afrocentrist presents a problem for me, but that is not my issue. Hate of any kind is always at least questionable, especially racial or characteristic hostility. Understanding it is necessary in order to deal with it effectively. I could understand a slaves hatred, the victim of a rape or the subject of torture, but ideological hatred is short-sighted and bars progress even in hatred. Thought is just a start. Understanding, but a piece in a significantly larger puzzle.

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    I recently read professor Maulana Karenga book, Introduction to Black Studies, and he has done something interesting there in. He clearly separates Afrocentricity, which he describe as the intellectual, from that of Afrocentrism, which he describe as the ideology. Indeed, Afrocentrism is a kind of lunatic fringe aspect of the Black culture, and, thus, I believe, Karenga is right to separate the two. There are two separate things but, I believe that Afrocentricity informed Afrocentrism. The ideologues depends on the intellectuals within that cultural framework. These guys are base in Afrocentrism. They don't believe in God, but believe that the reason white people don't believing in God is because God is a Black African. I agree that White people being Atheist does not mean that they are free of racism and biggetry, but to believe, for example, that having skin melanin makes blacks superior than whites is certainly crazy and counter to fostering a better society.

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    Even worse, they are likely to accuse you of suffering from ‚ÄúPost-Traumatic Slave Syndrome.” Imagine that! You have crazy people trying to diagnose sane people!

    It’s ironic as well as crazy. I’ve always thought that black individuals who insist that there’s something inherently and righteously “black” about speaking with a particular accent, condoning the bigotry– yes, bigotry— that is homophobia, etc. have ultimately subscribed to the belief that blacks aren’t fully human. Guess where that belief comes from?

    Like any other cultural phenomenon, it’s understandable given its historical context. It’s infuriating because it’s stupid. The ways in which it is harmful are manifold. It’s inexcusable, too.

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    As the producer of The Black Atheists Of Atlanta show, if you actually watch the show, you will see that the Black Atheists Of Atlanta were responding to a negative blog (just like this one) about them. All members (except Blackson) all weighed in on why they disagreed with Norm Allen’s blog about them. Then instead of letting Norm Allen respond to the other members statements, Blackson chimed in on his opinion and got into with Norm Allen and hung up. I guess disagreements mean Hate?! I disagree with Blackson’s action of hanging up but not about his anger. If people write negative things about you, you have every right to be angry. I believe it’s cowardly to write or say things that are negative about people or a person without doing it in a forum where both parties talk about the differences.

    It’s silly to take disagreements as automatic HATE. I disagree with Republicans and Democrats, do I hate them? No. I disagree with Norman’s blog does that mean I hate him? No. I do not agree with homosexuality, but does that mean I hate homosexuals? Or want them to be considered less than human or there rights taken away? No. (but regarding Kesha the lesbian that was on there show does feel if you disagree with homosexuality you should be cut off just like she cut off me) So let’s disagree without labeling it hate.

    And regarding PTSS or Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome is a phrase they coined, labeling the oppressed becoming the oppressor or wanting to be like the oppressor. Just like Stockholm Syndrome, there last show showed how the Atheists Experience called us/black folks that. It’s ok for them to say it, but when Black people say it, it’s wrong.

    So instead of JUST reading blogs or listening to other shows that demean our brothers and sisters lets come together for discussion, you never know we can learn a lot from each other. There Live, Youtube views & tons of emails show that a lot of people are learning from them.

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    The Black Atheists of Atlanta represent a purer form of Atheism I’ve ever encountered. Taking Atheism back from the Greeks who misunderstood Atheism and twisted it for their own nefarious purposes. The Black Atheist of Atlanta represent the 1%ers (i.e. One Percenter) of Atheist who really fight for the cause of Atheism and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Any person and/or group who speaks ill of Black Atheist of Atlanta needs a reality check real fast because you are dead wrong!

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      So I take it you subscribe to the virulent anti-human rights homophobia that they espouse? This is not “authentic” atheism it is unadulterated bigotry and claiming that LGBT African Americans are not authentically black or some other BS is just as heinous as the plantation mentality justifying racist oppression of people of color.

      1. “You subscribe to the virulent anti-human rights homophobia that they espouse?” [End Quote]

        To begin with, it’s my position that Homosexuality, Bisexuality, e.t.c. do not normally exist (i.e. constitute illnesses, deviant behaviors, e.t.c.); so, therefore the concept of Sexual
        Orientation is rejected or deemed irrelevant. There are 9 key disadvantages of Homosexuality; but, I will not list them here as I’m pretty sure you’re aware of these disadvantages. Nevertheless, the Black Atheists of Atlanta has publicly made it clear that they are not homophobic and acknowledges homosexuality as a personal lifestyle choice. The Black Atheists of Atlanta simply prefers to organize themselves around life affirming advantageous principles (i.e. Heterosexuality, Single Culturalism, e.t.c.). What’s advantageous and/or life affirming about faggotry or butt piracy, BlackSkeptics? I would love to hear a response from your group!

        “Black Atheist of Atlanta is not authentic Atheism”. [End Quote]

        What a load of poppycock! The Black Atheist of Atlanta is carrying the torch of “authentic Atheism” [End Quote] straight from the motherland where speculations on the natural world was already in public discourse among the ancient Africans who generally practiced heterosexual principles between man and woman. The problem that you have BlackSkeptics is that you’re too inclusive of other groups…which means that you open yourselves up for infiltration by other social groups who have ulterior motives that has nothing to do with Atheism at all. Why is it that many Atheist organizations prefer to tackle the issues of Gay Rights instead of Atheist Rights first and foremost? North America’s most famous Atheist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, discussed this issue previously in the early 1960’s about how homosexuals were ruining her organization with irrelevant issues, sexual debauchery in the office, e.t.c.

        Note: For those interested in further reading here is a list of resources

        1. Johnson, Paul. “Love, Heterosexuality and Society”. Routledge 1st Edition; June 7th, 2005
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    To Ankh 599:

    Disagreements “don’t mean hate.” However, referring to all White people as “crackers” (as Blackson regularly does) amounts to hate. Agreeing with the late, raving bigot Khalid Muhammad that Jews are bloodsuckers (as Blackson has done) amounts to hate. Moreover, one gay Black man even complained that Blackson called him a “faggot.” Is it really a stretch to say that a heterosexual using such a bigoted slur against a gay man is genuinely hateful?

    To Terrence Ward:

    That nonsense about the Black Atlanta Atheists having a purer form of atheism than the Greeks is highly fantastic. All the Greeks meant by atheism is a lack of belief in God or gods. That’s it. What could be more pure than that? On the other hand, the Black Atheists of Atlanta rarely even DISCUSS atheism. On the contrary, they are obsessed with attacking homosexuality, promoting reactionary politics, talking trash on White people, denigrating Europe, romanticizing Africa, etc. How could any of that be considered pure atheism? Get real, buddy!

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    Terrence Ward maintains that homosexuality, bisexuality, etc. “do not normally exist….” So what? Black people do not normally marry White people, Chinese people do not normally marry Mexicans, etc. What does normality have to do with anything? Heterosexual men do not normally engage in anal sex with women. Again, so what? What is so life-affirming about men and women engaging in anal sex? Why does it have to be life affirming, if by that, Ward means life producing? Has Ward ever heard of sexual liberty and sexual enjoyment as ends in themselves? He sounds like some sexually frustrated Catholic priest that wants to control everyone else’s sexuality and channel it to reproductive ends.

    Ward reveals his true feeling when he uses made-up bigoted words such as “faggotry,” which is also used by the bigoted lunatics of the NOI. He also talks about “butt piracy,” (but again, only in reference to anal sex between men, not between men and women). He identifies homosexuality with “illnesses, deviant behviors,” etc. And after all all of this crap, he audaciously claims that the Black Atheists of Atlanta “are not homophobic.” This is definitely some Alice-in-Wonderland, 1984-type crap.

    Ward also maintains that the Black Skeptics are “too inclusive of other groups….” However, the quickest way to become a bigot is to favor the company of those that already share your narrow views. It is truly amazing that in this day and age anyone with even a lick of common sense would accuse someone of being too inclusive. Obviously, we should include reactionary Black nationalists. On the other hand, we should exclude LGBTQI people and White people. Perhaps Ward will let us know about other groups we need to exclude.

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