Steve Harvey’s Comments Still Excite Black Humanist

Once again, Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson seems to be taking aim at Steve Harvey. Harvey’s comments regarding his experiences with atheists are “featured” in a promotional ad for an event Hutchinson’s newly formed organization is hosting. The Black Skeptics Group of Los Angeles in promoting the event, An Open Dialogue On Living Morally And Happily Without Religion, used a picture of Harvey and makes note of his comments “Steve Harvey says we have no morals…”

In March of this year in an article entitled “Black Infidels” Hutchinson begins the article by strongly criticizing Harvey’s comments “self-proclaimed dating guru Steve Harvey charged that atheists had no moral values. Anyone who didn’t believe in God was an “idiot,” he said, and women should steer clear of these rogue blasphemers at all costs.”

Jeffery S. Mitchell who met Dr. Hutchinson at the Atheist Alliance Intl 2009 convention, remembers seeing Steve Harvey on Larry King restating his comments. “At the beginning of his (Harvey) comments, I felt he sincerely meant he was at a loss for words to say when communicating with an atheist. I thought he was almost expressing a desire to understand the non-believer’s side” says Mitchell. “Then as the interview went on, I believe Harvey went into his “obnoxious” character routine. He is an entertainer, so I understand completely why he went there.” Mitchell is also a member of the Black Skeptics Group and created the promotional ad from text he received from Hutchinson. “I’m hoping to reach out to Mr Harvey, as I’m from Northeast Ohio too, and maybe if he is into we can dialogue to better understand each others position.”

Steve Harvey’s Comments Still Excite Black Humanist

2 thoughts on “Steve Harvey’s Comments Still Excite Black Humanist

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    I heard the comments made by Mr. Harvey on TV and I must say I was baffled, not only by the
    recklesness and insult of his idiotic comments,
    but also his high degree of ignorance in spite of his pretentious intellectual window-dressing.

  2. 2

    I heard and saw Mr. Harvey making his anti atheist remarks on TV and I was baffled, not
    only by the contemptuous insults in his comments, but also by the egregious degree of ignorance it demonstrates. Although this the issue of lesser importance–at least to me–he
    failed to recognize that many of his fans happen to be atheists.

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