Critical thinking and religions don’t mix

Wow, I feel so much better knowing that at least some of our unknown and oft forgotten ancestors were not deceived! How people of African ancestry can continue to believe in the judeo-christian god speaks of a willingness to be told what to think, do and believe rather than to take the lead in our own lives and create a new and improved culture for ourselves as a people. A willingness to step over the critical thinking process, in lieu of wishful, blissful thinking, is the source of many of our people’s social ills. You name the negative issue affecting our community and I can trace it back to a break down in the critical thinking process. It is this very lack of logic and reason that keeps us chained to an imaginary super being in the sky.

Critical thinking and religions don’t mix

3 thoughts on “Critical thinking and religions don’t mix

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    I couldn't agree with you more. I am a free thinking white male from Virginia. I have never been one to shy away from a religious debate and have recently been engaged in discourse with a long time Christian friend who has all of sudden been reading a lot of literature dealing with the black Hebrew Israelite aka that black Jew shit. But anyway I found your blog and I have read the first page of articles. Good Job, I shall seek you out on facebook if you are up there. Good day homie

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    It's no coincidence that we're the most religious people, and yet, in worse political-social-economical condition than any other group. We're the most passionate spokesman for
    religious dogmas and political doctrines that weren't conceived by us. In our community every
    form of hogwash is peddled as "enlighten" or
    "progressive thinking" by the gurus and diciples of ignorance.

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    "gurus and diciples of ignorance" I love that phrase! Absolutely, a key aspect of my critique of the Black Church and organized religion is the socioeconomic disarray that AA communities are in and their failure to redress those inequities.

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