Snow Tubing

Saturday 09:45

We’re going to Eko Backen today to experience the northern activity called snow tubing [snoh too-bing].  Assuming I don’t crash and die I’ll post a pic or two when we get back later this evening.  Check out the video on their website – great marketing material…you can actually here the guy say “Ah shit!” on the way down, lol.


Saturday 16:28

We just got back from Eko Backen – I didn’t die, and we had a blast.  The weather was warm (for winter) and sunny.  There were these tows ropes that pulled you back up to the top of the hill!  You know…snowy fun without any of the cardiovascular benefits.  Seriously though, the tow rope wasn’t exactly easy.  We had to grab the slick, slushy rope and hold on tight – good workout for the biceps!  As my gloves got wetter and my muscles more tired with each progressive tow, it became difficult to hang on, and sometimes the rope would slide through my fingers and leave me stranded halfway up the hill.  Then I had to move out of the way quickly (so I didn’t screw up the person behind me) and schlep up the hill the ol’ fashioned way.

The hills were definitely sufficient; there were options from “family” to “expert”, so you could choose your own steepness and speed.  What I really liked is that the park wasn’t over-regulated.  There were employees watching things, but no one was playing snow hill dictator.  Everyone was responsible for their own fun.   I went tubing with Hubby and my Little Sis, Ashley.  Ashley and I were paired together through a mentoring program two years ago and it has been quite the experience!

Hubby and Ashley about to go down the hill:

Me and Ashley going down the hill:

Ashley and I being towed up the hill:

Hubby and I in front of the lodge at the top of the hill:

Snow Tubing