Perugia: Thursday

On Thursday I woke up at the bright and early – if not chipper – hour of 6:30am to go on a solo walk.  It was wonderful to have the city all to myself – I only saw a few other early morning walkers, and the flow of traffic didn’t really start picking up until about 7:30am.  I explored new parts of Perugia, including some really steep hills and stairs.

When I got home Mom was just rolling out of bed, and we called the Hubby to breakfast (scrambled eggs with fresh mushrooms and pancetta cooked at the apartment!) around 9am.  Afterwards we walked two blocks over to the National Gallery of Umbria (Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria).  There was no photography allowed in the exhibit halls, which is a bummer because there are some beautiful works housed inside.  The place is just huge – it has 23 galleries of art from Umbrian artists dating back to the 13th century through the 16th.  This is a picture of the building itself, courtesty of Wikipedia.  The Fontana Maggiore is in the foreground to the right of the museum.

Later that night we had drinks at La Terrezza again, and then we relaxed and played some Italian Uno at the apartment.   As you might guess, Italian Uno is just like English Uno, except the directions are in Italian.   Which makes making up rules more fun. 

Iz in yur Italian Uno, makin up teh rulz.

Perugia: Thursday