Weekend Nerd Updates and New CUP Photo Info

1) I saw Lazer Tag in Macy’s. I wanted it. Badly. The Hubby didn’t agree to the purchase. I almost had a temper tantrum in the store like a two year old.

2) Later at Target we were walking through the 50% off Halloween aisles, and I managed to convince The Hubby to try on this Batboy costume. He didn’t let me buy it for him, but I was actually okay with that.

3) We actually did buy this from the Target 50% off Halloween aisle and made the dog wear it. There’s a special kind of hell waiting for people like us.

4) I found this cartoon of Dumbo with stretched earlobes on poorlydressed.com and have been trying to find a way to work it into a blog post ever since.

5) While grocery shopping I saw this jumbo pack of lunch-size chips, and the first thing I thought was “Eat ALL the chips!

6) My new shirt came in from lolshirts.com!

7) The Hubby and I each bought funny looking shoes.

8 ) The Hubby and I played Dodgeball with a bunch of grown adults and had a BLAST. We’re going again next Wednesday. You know, if we can walk again by then. So…much…pain! Not from getting hit with dodgeballs (they’re foam, not rubber), but we’re trying to recover from the aching shoulders, spasming back muscles and burning knee and hip joints from the overexertion! Also, I have a blister on my big toe *sniff*.

Close-Up Photo Contest

I’ve had several people remind me that we’re not done with the CUP Contest. I love that you guys love it so much. So here’s the deal: Starting on Tuesday November 8th, I will be posting a new CUP EVERY DAY at noon (12pm Central Standard Time). We’re going to play every day until somebody reaches 1000 points. After that I’m thinking about keeping it as a regular feature, but we’ll have individual winners for each photo entry. So, keep your eyes open – somebody is going to win the CUP Contest very, very soon!

Weekend Nerd Updates and New CUP Photo Info

Love: A Sad Science Story

A nice woman named Amy was giving away postcards.  You receive the postcard, take a picture with it and then send the picture back to her. It sounded like kind of a fun pen-pal deal-eo and I decided to do it.

Here’s the postcard she sent me:

So I took a picture. Or six. And may have written a really stupid story to go with it. Caution – HUGE LAB NERDINESS AHEAD!!! 

They met in the park when the summer blossoms were in full bloom.  It was love at first sight, and they knew that they would never be separated.

As they spun together around the fountain, she felt dizzy and lightheaded. They spun around and around and around.

She felt care-free and weightless.

They both liked Victorian cosplay, but she was a modern, intelligent, tech-savy woman, so she of course did her research on him before fully committing her heart.

And was horrified to learn that he had a chemical addiction problem!

He tried to explain, but it was too late – all of his pleadings smelled rotton.  

 And so she reluctantly walked away from his toxic love.

The End.

Love: A Sad Science Story

Biology Pareidolia

Forget Mary in the grilled cheese sandwich Jesus in an MRI scan; my officemate and I saw a seriously spooky image today.  We both saw something, but we can’t agree on what exactly we saw.  

What do you think: Does this sunlight reflected off of a glossy-covered industry journal onto the ceiling looks more like a golgi apparatus or an endoplasmic reticulum?





Biology Pareidolia

Glenn Beck Chloroplast


I don’t know why…

But, it’s Glenn Beck as a chloroplast, and if that doesn’t meet the inclusion factors for a biodork blog (sarcastic liberal humor + plant biology = NERD WIN), I don’t know what else would.

Seen on Comments from Left Field

And just for fun, and comparison, a real chloroplast:

Pick out the image that depicts the more beneficial of the two things on this great green Earth. And…GO!

Glenn Beck Chloroplast

All work = All play

I was productive yesterday.  Really I was!

  • I worked a full day at the office.
  • I did my mentoring thing for two hours after work.
  • I walked the dog and fed the pets.
  • I watched an episode of Warehouse 13.
  • I read a couple chapters of my Med School Confidential “homework”.
  • I worked on my draft post about my trip to Rome

So you see, I was actually quite busy last night.  It was a nice combination of work and play.

But alas, for the second day in a row, I have no real blog post for the biodork blog today.

Dear readers – all three of you – I ask your forgiveness.  In place of thoughtful writing I offer up to you this fabulously humiliating picture of me being an idiot in our apartment.  Bon appetit.

Self-inflicted self-punishment picture for the loyal biodork readers.  Trust me…this hurts you more than it hurts me.

All work = All play

This Weekend? Game On!

I might head over to Shakopee for the opening weekend of the Renaissance Festival – fun!  I love the atmosphere at RenFair – all of the costumes and the themed artisans…do want!  What do you guys have planned?  Summer is slipping away, people!  Get out there and have some fun!  I know you’ve got plans.

Sorry for another day of relatively fluffy content.  I have a couple of draft blogs that I’m working on and very excited to get out…but there’s just been no time to knock ’em out!  So today I’m happy to share a geeky gamer video from The Guild folks called Game On – A Bollywood-themed Gamer’s Anthem.  It was released in July or August, so it’s old by interwebby dating, but relatively new by non-nerd clocks.  If you’re new to The Guild, you may wish to check out the stellar “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” – it’s also hilarious.  Well, for non-nerds it will hopefully be amusing, gamer geeks will find it pretty funny, and fans of The Guild will find it hilarious.

This Weekend? Game On!

Oh, Ray Bradbury!

I don’t post a lot of NSFW (not safe for work) content on this blog, but this…this is completely, awesome and worth the NSFW rating.

Disclaimer/Warning: An intelligent woman sings very graphically about wanting to have sex with an intelligent man.  If the idea of an intelligent woman having sexual desires offends you, you may wish to skip this video. Hehehe.  Oh, and if you have a low tolerance for pop, just suck it up and concentrate on the lyrics.

Oh, Ray Bradbury!

Mario on My Mind

I am jonesing to play Super Mario Bros 3 on NES!  That must be why I noticed this:

The blog Guys On A Couch is on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed today, and in the featured post they had a link to the 7 Ballsiest Ways Anyone Ever Quit Their Job from Cracked.com, which features this awesome farewell notice from one guy to his company (phew, how many links did that take to get here?  Go go gadget interwebs!)  Clicking on the image below will take you to a website where you can play the game/message!

Mario on My Mind

I find God at work.

Nerdery at work…

Look – God In A Bottle!

Apparently we diluted him in PBS back in 2007.

And who signed off on this?  JCS?  Oh my God-In-A-Bottle, it was Jesus Christ, Superstar!

God’s love and mercy were quantified at 8.103 mg/mL, and while we don’t currently have an expiration assigned, I’m sure we could always justify a date extension if it’s needed.  Or maybe we’ll just dispose of it in biohazard when it starts to grow fuzz.

I find God at work.