Yay All of You!

So it’s pretty exciting to hit 100% of your first Kickstarter goal within two days of launching.

We’ve reached $5,245 and 146 backers! Thank you to everyone who’s donated. And an equally big thanks to everyone who likes the potential that they see in The Orbit and who’s shared the news of our launch. This is amazing.

Of course, we’ve 29 days left to continue fundraising and reach our stretch goals 😀

First Stretch Goal: $8,000 – An online conference dedicated to the topics we cover. We know you can’t always come see us when we talk, so we’ll bring the talks and panels to you.

Second Stretch Goal: $10,000 – An ebook compilation of some of the best writing The Orbit’s authors have to offer.

Third Stretch Goal: $14,000 – This is the level where we bring in a designer to help make the reader experience at The Orbit the best it can be. We’re pretty happy with what we’ve done in house, but professionals are professional for a reason.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Yay All of You!


Wanders in, looks around. Reaches out an index finger and pokes the new walls and the neat blue logo. Giggles and shuffles through the list of bloggers; Much writers. Very talent. Wow. Pulls up the Mission Statement and finds herself nodding emphatically as she reads along, even though she’s seen it many times before today. Skims by the Tech Issues tab, glad it’s there but hopes that it won’t have to be used to excess. Thinks to herself, “This is going to be gooooood.”

A black and white self-portrait of moi, holding a napkin with the words "Hello Orbit! Good to be here!" scrawled on it. Oh and a stick figure shouting "Yay!"