Welcome Taslima Nasrin to Freethought Blogs

When I began exploring atheism, I did so from a place of privilege. I live in a country where my right to not believe in a religion is guaranteed. I have lived in larger, progressive cities for much of my life, areas that have their share of religious diversity, and as such have developed a laissez faire attitude to the beliefs of others. I have support in the form of atheist gatherings, organized groups, books, online blogs and even other friends locally who believe the way I do.

Taslima Nasrin does not come from such a place.

She is a physician, a poet, essayist and writer of great notoriety. She has earned numerous awards for her bravery and her fight for women’s rights. This courageous, intelligent, persistent woman has had numerous fatwa called upon her by those who fear her message. Five of her books have been been banned: Lajja (Shame), Amar Meyebela (My Girlhood), Utol Haowa (The Tempest), Dwikhondito (Split in Two), and Sei Sob Andhokar (All Those Darkness). She has remained steadfast in her atheism, even though it cost her her home, family and security.

It is with much pride and awe that I announce that Taslima Nasrin is now blogging here on the Freethought Blogs network. Please go explore her new site and welcome her.

Welcome Taslima Nasrin to Freethought Blogs