What are the other bloggers up to?

Let’s see…

Ellen Lundgren over at Skeptic Freethought is more than halfway done! She’s put out 14 of her planned 24 blog posts! Her most recent post is called How to Convert an Atheist. She’s discussed cute animals, freedom of and from religion, reddit, crochet Cthulhu and FSM, her local CFI group, and of course her Tree Naming Contest.

Christina Stephens over at What Would JT Do is also going strong. She’s posted 18 of her 24 blog posts – she’s almost finished! Her most recent posts have been about faith’s role in rehabilitation (it’s not good), the ridiculousness of the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally, polyamory and American Sign Language.

My fellow SSA fundraisin’ blogathonin’ peeps are awesome and an inspiration. Hang in there, you two!

Oh, and don’t tell anyone, but I’ve lined up an honest to goodness interview for around the 9-9:30-10pm timeframe!

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What are the other bloggers up to?