Who will protect the unborn children…er…the evidence?

New Mexico state representative Cathrynn Brown will take on that cause! She is very concerned about the rights of women who are being forced to have abortions by their rapists, so she has introduced House Bill 206 to define a fetus as evidence if the fetus is a result of rape. And as we all know from Law and Order – you can’t tamper with evidence.

So —> Fetus = evidence

Thus —> Abortion = tampering with evidence


Here’s part of the relevant language:

Tampering with evidence shall include procuring or facilitating an abortion, or compelling or coercing another to obtain an abortion, of a fetus that is the result of criminal sexual penetration or incest with the intent to destroy evidence of the crime.

Of course it’s that “procuring or facilitating* an abortion” that really makes this about forcing women to continue an unwanted pregnancy. I’m all about punishing anyone who attempts to compel or coerce another to obtain an abortion. But the beginning part of that sentence implies that even if you aren’t compelled or coerced, even willingly you can’t get an abortion if your pregnancy is a result of rape.

“But wait,” you say, because you have an brain, “how will a fetus or infant prove that a woman was Really Raped?” Well, I’m sorry to disappoint, but Rep. Brown didn’t get around to saying what exactly the rape baby would be evidence of. And wait a minute – why would a pregnant woman say she was raped? After all – her body didn’t shut that whole thing down, so she must have wanted it. Oh no…I wonder if Rep. Brown considered that? I should write her.

If you think of any helpful hints or suggestions, you can write her too.

Here’s a video from HuffPo with the story. The reporter on video is fantastic. I love the moment when she drops her professional persona over this bullshit story.

Both chambers are controlled by Democrats. And this was a Tea Party Republican and she’s kind of known for bills like this. She’s introduced a couple of different anti-abortion bills. Um, so it’s not likely to pass, ah, but it’s really interesting that … uh…you know… she was elected. [pause] At all.

I can’t embed the video, so clicking on the image below will take you to HuffPo’s site and the video source.

HuffPo Report

*Meaning that the doc and clinic could be held liable too. This is just icing on the cake for Rep Brown, who is one of the latest politicians attempting to use political power to usurp doctors’ abilities to provide care that benefits their patients when that care has to do with lady bits.

Who will protect the unborn children…er…the evidence?