Obama Hung In Effigy

Well, that’s a nice good morning, eh?

Seen on Facebook in the Secular Women group.

On the PoliticusUSA blog Tim from LA writes about a disgusting event in Florida in which a dummy with an Obama mask was hung from a gallows on the front lawn of a church. – Oh, it’s Pastor Terry Jones and the Dove World Outreach Center again. This douchebag is apparently staving for more attention now that his latest Koran burning has blown over in the media. What a dick.

Jones manages to insult the President, black Americans and gay Americans with his latest stunt. There’s a baby hanging from the dummy’s hand (implying that Obama’s a baby killer/prochoice?) and an Uncle Sam doll. A trailer nearby says “Obama is Killing America”(shouldn’t that be spelled ‘Murica?)

One little man with one little congregation that can’t get any attention with their racist, homophobic, anti-American message, so they resort to radical, right-wing shock stunts to garner attention.

Boring. Let’s laugh scornfully at this sad little man and move on, shall we?

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Obama Hung In Effigy