The Hyde Amendment: 36 Years of Abortion Restriction

The Hyde amendment was passed on September 30th, 1976. The amendment bars certain federal funds, primarily  Medicaid, from being used to pay for abortions. It is a mean, vile, arguably unconstitutional  provision that disproportionately affects low-income women and families. Every year it’s tacked on to an appropriations bill, and so 36 years after Hyde’s initial passage we’re still telling one portion of the population that they don’t get to have affordable access to abortion, that we don’t think they’re capable of making their own health care and family planning decisions, that we know what’s right for them, that if they were so stupid as to go get knocked up when they knew they didn’t want a baby then they shouldn’t expect us to help them out after the fact.

The National Network of Abortion Funds has a petition that you can sign to show your support of all women’s right to safe, affordable abortion:

Sign the petition below and join our call for coverage of abortion in public insurance programs as a part of comprehensive health care for all. Please also join our call for support for low-income women to care for their children with dignity. Take a stand for reproductive justice and a world in which all women have the power and resources necessary to make healthy decisions about their bodies and their families.


It is time for Congress to repeal the Hyde Amendment and restore Medicaid coverage for abortion. We must close the gap between the legal right to abortion and genuine access to care. I call on my Senators and House members to repeal the Hyde Amendment and ensure dignity and justice for all women.

The Hyde Amendment: 36 Years of Abortion Restriction

Pro-Choice Kittehs

Do you want to help fund abortions for women and families who can’t afford them? Do you like cats?

Okay…I KNOW the second question is the more controversial statement in this crowd, but just say yes to both.

Say yes?

Every year the NNAF – National Network of Abortion Funds – hosts a bowl-a-thon fundraiser. This is a series of bowl-a-thons that take place all over the country. Individual teams form up and raise money that go directly into abortion funds. Why are abortion funds important? Continue reading “Pro-Choice Kittehs”

Pro-Choice Kittehs