It was a good day for SciFi/Fantasy

Avatar, The Lightening Thief and Ender’s Game.

Hubby and I went to Avatar in 3D today.  It was great.  It was epic.  Everyone should go see it because it was a fun movie experience.  I cried and cheered and all that stuff.  Unfortunately, the story kept reminding me of other movies while we were still in the theater.  It’s basically Dances with Wolves or The Last Samurai, mixed with Fern Gully, with elements of The Matrix and Star Wars VI.  One idea that may be unique was the physical melding of the Na’vi with other living animals and plants via…whatever the connection was in their hair; that was pretty cool.  And nobody can argue that the special effects were anything less than spectacular.

During the Avatar previews I was introduced to the movie adaptation of Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief, and Oh…my…god, Becky…It looks AWESOME.  I had heard of the teen adventure series through my job at the bookstore, but I hadn’t really looked into it.  Bookstores should praise whoever put the Lightening Thief preview together, because it influenced me enough that I ran right out and bought it.  I’m going to start it tonight, right after I finish:

Ender’s Game. Yeah for classic science fiction!  I finally read Ender’s Game – it had slipped beneath my radar for a very long time, and tonight I just read the part where Ender learns that Command School wasn’t a game.   The best part of that was…I never saw it coming!  I mean, you gotta love Orson Scott Card’s storytelling, because Ender’s Game came out in 1977, and that type of plot switcheroo has been used since then, but I never even suspected that the final games were actual battles.  *happy sigh*  Good book.

It was a good day for SciFi/Fantasy