Trucking Missionary Style

I took this photo as part of my Photo Per Day (Peeper Dee) project for Le Cafe Witteveen.

I gotta be honest – I cackled with glee before groaning and cursing. This was just too fabulous of an example of a Missionaries Gone Wild spotting. We thought about calling the number and chatting with the guy, but we were on a mission of our own at the time (ba da dum!). We saw the truck in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and the truck plate is from Oklahoma.

Mormonism recognizes four holy books, the KJ Bible and The Book of Mormon being two of those four. Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price are the others.

Giant banner on the back of a cube truck reads “FREE FREE FREE – King James Bible/Book of Mormon. CB Channel 19. Ambos Disponible en Español. Cell: 480-586-5323. Free Bible Man. I carry the Books With Me in This Truck. Ask Now Not Later!”

Trucking Missionary Style

Religious Stories

My curiosity gets me into odd places now and then. Yesterday I stumbled across an advertisement for The ad said “Meet a Mormon near you.” I thought, well that could be interesting. Boy was I wrong.

I went to and the Meet A Mormon section. I entered “Minnesota” and a whole list of profiles popped up. I started reading their stories, paying special interest to the “Why I am a Mormon” section.

The thing that I saw over and over and over was “I knew it was true.” “I feel spiritually fulfilled.” “I feel it’s right.” “The Church is the Truth.”

Imma need a bit more than that, folks. Answers like these are boring. There’s no thought behind that type of answer, no conviction. If this is the rote answer that missionaries travel with I can’t imagine how they’ve gained such a following.

One answer that made me feel all snarky-like was this: “For the first time, I had all my questions answered and knew I was in the right place.” To that I say – You didn’t ask enough questions!

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Religious Stories