Happy Friday!

No time for a real blog post. I have to get into work early so I can get out of work early so some friends and I can drive down to Omaha, Nebraska this evening. Just a few things:

If you live between Minneapolis and Omaha (including Des Moines, Iowa) download Patient Zero onto your Android smartphones! I’m coming your way and I look forward to spreading Dorkiness to all of you and maybe bringing back some foreign viruses to Minneapolis. UPDATE: I’m responsible for spreading Dorkiness to 38 people so far and I’m currently carrying the Kellis-Amberlee cold, Dr. Who Syndrome, Hypocaffeinatia, Judaism and LameCarl.

It was lovely to see everyone at the Minnesota Skeptics meetup last night.

Mike Brown’s talk “How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming” was a lot of fun. I’ve said it before but I love when scientists are also entertaining educators! Also, a ton of science nerds showed up for the event; the main auditorium AND the overflow lecture hall were completely filled and had people standing against the walls and on sitting on the stairs.

Keep those submissions coming for Sloganizing Atheism. So far I’ve received a handful of emails containing signs that have been well-circulated on Facebook and Twitter. I’m not against using them, but my preference is to put up original, corny photos from where YOU live.

And here’s a wonderful video that’s been on my mind since I saw it over at Le Cafe Witteveen on Tuesday. This is the kind of stuff that makes me dream.

Happy Friday!