Trucking Missionary Style

I took this photo as part of my Photo Per Day (Peeper Dee) project for Le Cafe Witteveen.

I gotta be honest – I cackled with glee before groaning and cursing. This was just too fabulous of an example of a Missionaries Gone Wild spotting. We thought about calling the number and chatting with the guy, but we were on a mission of our own at the time (ba da dum!). We saw the truck in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and the truck plate is from Oklahoma.

Mormonism recognizes four holy books, the KJ Bible and The Book of Mormon being two of those four. Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price are the others.

Giant banner on the back of a cube truck reads “FREE FREE FREE – King James Bible/Book of Mormon. CB Channel 19. Ambos Disponible en Español. Cell: 480-586-5323. Free Bible Man. I carry the Books With Me in This Truck. Ask Now Not Later!”

Trucking Missionary Style

Happy Friday!

No time for a real blog post. I have to get into work early so I can get out of work early so some friends and I can drive down to Omaha, Nebraska this evening. Just a few things:

If you live between Minneapolis and Omaha (including Des Moines, Iowa) download Patient Zero onto your Android smartphones! I’m coming your way and I look forward to spreading Dorkiness to all of you and maybe bringing back some foreign viruses to Minneapolis. UPDATE: I’m responsible for spreading Dorkiness to 38 people so far and I’m currently carrying the Kellis-Amberlee cold, Dr. Who Syndrome, Hypocaffeinatia, Judaism and LameCarl.

It was lovely to see everyone at the Minnesota Skeptics meetup last night.

Mike Brown’s talk “How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming” was a lot of fun. I’ve said it before but I love when scientists are also entertaining educators! Also, a ton of science nerds showed up for the event; the main auditorium AND the overflow lecture hall were completely filled and had people standing against the walls and on sitting on the stairs.

Keep those submissions coming for Sloganizing Atheism. So far I’ve received a handful of emails containing signs that have been well-circulated on Facebook and Twitter. I’m not against using them, but my preference is to put up original, corny photos from where YOU live.

And here’s a wonderful video that’s been on my mind since I saw it over at Le Cafe Witteveen on Tuesday. This is the kind of stuff that makes me dream.

Happy Friday!

Ha! Religious Humor!

Seen over at Le Cafe Witteveen. Original Source is

I thought this was humorous, especially in light of Tim Tebow’s on-going dinkusness. Of course it’s ridiculous, this idea that if there is a God, he would give one good crap about your personal performance on the football field. I mean, what if BOTH teams are praying really, really hard for God’s approval? How is he going to decide who to favor? Or what if he’s too busy making famines in Africa to listen to the football guys prayers at all?

I was originally just going to post this comic and move on, but I liked the title of the website that it came from: “Inherit the Mirth”. Cool – more comics using humor to point out the idiosyncrasies of the bible and belief, perhaps? When I followed the link back I discovered that the site was started by a Christian. Hmm. Well, good on him. I like people who can have a laugh at themselves. After a bit of digging around I found the “About” page (bolding is mine):

Ten years ago, Cuyler Black, a part-time youth minister in Ontario at the time, was often buying resources in local Christian bookstores. He noticed that very few, if any, of the greeting cards in those shops had a humorous bent. Cuyler thought that was a shame. He understood God to have a wonderful sense of humor and believed all Christians should as well. That humorous sensibility was being under-represented in Christian merchandise. The ensuing result has been Inherit The Mirth®,a line of greeting cards, calendars, t-shirts, posters, books and more, emphasizing the light-hearted side of faith.

A “wonderful sense of humor?” Oh, that wacky God – what with the witty drowning of the Earth’s entire population (minus a few), the silly smiting, the jokester plagues and the filicide*. And do you know how else we know that God has a sense of humor? More from Inherit the Mirth:

People with a sense of humor give other people nicknames. Jesus called Peter ‘the Rock” and called the boisterous brothers James and John the “Sons of Thunder”. And speaking of boisterous, Jesus enjoyed the company of kids (“Let the little children come unto me”– Matt. 19:14). How can you enjoy hanging out with ankle-biters and not have a sense of humor?

Some of the Christians I know embrace just the “good parts” of their religion. They brush aside the bad parts as “antiquated” or as “misinterpretations” or as blatant lies written by man after the “original bible” was written (wait, what?). They have these ideas and thus can justify dismissing the parts they don’t like. They can walk away with a rosy picture of Jesus petting a lamb, feeding the poor and healing sick people. God becomes just a stern father figure who might have to take humanity over his knee now and then, but really, don’t all children get out of line and need the occasional physical and psychological torture as a reminder to be good?

I really appreciate a sense of humor, but I have a hard time reconciling the idea of a jokey-pokey, nickname-giving, Dad-on-the-playground-with-the-kiddies God with the same God who would cast anyone into an eternal pit of suffering. Some people may find humor in their faith, but I’ve read the Bible and I sure don’t remember there being much to smile about.

Or, you know, this could just be a silly comic.


*BTW – This is a fun page if you need to know which prefix to add to “-cide” if you want to be specific about the kind of killing someone is doing.

Ha! Religious Humor!

How Is It Wednesday Already?

I’m working on three different blog posts, including a super-dandy write up about the awesomeness that was my weekend trip to Chicago for Skepticamp. Things have been pretty crazy though and I’ve barely had had time to sleep, what getting back to Minneapolis late on Sunday, having to save unconscious humans from demons on Monday night with my roleplaying group (GURPS this time around), trying to pull together an interview script for this Sunday’s Atheists Talk radio show with singer-songwriter, Shelley Segal, putting together guns for this weekend’s EPIC Nerf War (yeah, there’s a photo that goes with that below), offering up a red dress to the Blogess’s Traveling Red Dress Project, and reading this hilarious blog (casually and frequently dropped F-bombs may make it NSFW) that I just discovered. So I haven’t actually gotten to any photo editing or writing, and I wouldn’t foist crappy writing off on this blog.*  But I haven’t even had time to pull together crappy writing because I’m too busy loving my life. Don’t you hate when that happens?

So until things calm down, here’s a couple of photos of people making funny faces:

Here’s Jeremy from the ever thought-provoking, humorous, breathtaking, snarky Le Cafe Witteveen. I was pleased as punch to be able to catch up with Monsieur Witteveen at Chicago Skepticamp on Saturday. In this shot he’s giving me his best grumpy old man face.

Come and get some! The Hubby shows off our new firearms for what is promising to be an epic Nerf battle at Supercon this weekend. Yeah…they’re battery operated and fully automatic.

*That’s a BIG FAT LIE. Crappy writing is one of the many services offered here at Biodork.

How Is It Wednesday Already?