Thank You

Earlier this week I invited you to join me on the microlending website, Kiva. I asked that if you were willing, able and wanted to join after learning more about the institution, to join through my personal invitation link so that I could receive $25 Kiva bonuses. Two of you took me up on my invitation, resulting in $50 worth of loan money that I was able to turn around tonight. Here’s who we’re funding:

 This is Ruth Del Carmen from Guasmo, Ecuador. She owns her own house, and since separating from her husband she is raising two children on her own. She runs a restaurant and sells cosmetics to supplement her income. She is planning on using this loan to buy chairs, table and a display case for her businesses. You can read her full story here.

Meet the Nuestro Sueño Group from Temuco, Chile. Group loans can be a good investment because members of a community come together to borrow, and have group support and peer pressure to make timely repayments. Members of Nuestro Sueño are planning on using their loans to purchase products for their individual businesses, which include food, clothing, crafts, and firewood sales.

Thanks for making these two loans possible, my Kiva loan buddies.

If you have an interest in joining Kiva, I invite you to join through my link here – Kiva is still giving $25 bonuses out!

Thank You

Hamza Kashgari Fails Appeal

Hamza Kashgari has not yet been charged for his blasphemous tweets. After the tweets, he feared for his life and fled Saudia Arbia for Malaysia. Malaysian immigration officials – at the request of Saudia Arabia – sent Hamza back. If he is charged and found guilty of insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad, he could face execution by the state.

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Hamza Kashgari Fails Appeal

Women Deliver 50

This is exciting.

Women Deliver is a global advocacy group that works to enable safe motherhood, gender equality, girls’ education, poverty reduction, combating HIV/AIDS, maternal and newborn health, and other issues that are related to helping women lead healthy, happy, fulfilling lives.

Women Deliver has been hosting a contest called Women Deliver 50, in which they received over 500 nominations of projects that are meant to benefit women in the areas of

  • Technologies and Innovations
  • Educational Initiatives
  • Health Modernization
  • Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns
  • Leadership and Empowerment Programs

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Women Deliver 50