Conspiracy and Coffee

Ugh…this was the first video of the morning. Someone I follow on twitter posted this with the statement, “a must watch if you’re into natural ways to heal the body. I highly recommend this film!”

This was released back in 2008 and it’s already been ripped to shreds by people who are smarter and more familiar with the topic than me, but I’m feeling snarky and only just starting my first cup of coffee, so let’s do this!

Don’t cancer/Big Pharma conspiracy theorists ever consider that doctors are first and foremost human beings who are just as susceptible to cancer as everyone else, and that they have loved ones who suffer and die from cancer? Secrets of this magnitude don’t stay secret just so someone can make a few bucks. People don’t let their wives, husbands, children, parents and friends die of cancer even for a few thousand or million bucks.

Dr. Max Gerson thought that diet and “detoxification” could cure cancer and just about anything that ails you. Not potentially prevent cancer, but CURE cancer. Independent review of the cases he observed in his book, A Cancer Therapy, determined that there is insufficient evidence to support his claims. His case studies have been shown to have sloppy methodology, and his claimed cure rates have been called into question. The Gerson Institute calls all of these findings “persecution” and protests that the medical community shuns the Gerson Therapy because of ties to Big Pharma. After all, “You can’t make money off of a bag of carrots“.

Patients have gotten sick from the wacky treatments proposed by the Gerson Therapy – and I’m not even including those who die from their cancers because they didn’t seek efficacious treatment. Many professionals and professional groups have discredited this course of treatment. But hey, if drinking hydrogen peroxide and taking ozone up the butt is your idea of a good time, maybe the Gerson diet is for you.

Conspiracy and Coffee