Eugenie Scott at University of Minnesota

I attended Dr. Eugenie Scott’s talk, “Climate Change – Why the Resistance?” at the University of Minnesota last night.

The venue was perfect for the audience size. I sat in the fourth row of the Cowles auditorium in Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Audio was spot on and there were no technical issues to distract from the presentation.

The evening started with a brief message from Will Steger, a very-well known polar explorer and environmentalist who has dedicated a good part of his efforts to educating about global warming and encouraging the world to take action and find solutions to climate change. He outlined the types of global warming denial that we are seeing from different political, economic and religious interests, and spoke about what his foundation is doing to effect changes in strategies for dealing with climate change.

Will Steger gives a brief opening address.

Dr. Scott took the stage after that. She opened by establishing that there is overwhelming scientific consensus that AGW (anthropogenic global warming) is happening, and that while there is an opposing viewpoint (those who deny AGW), that viewpoint is not equally supported by scientists, especially those who specialize in climate science.

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Eugenie Scott at University of Minnesota