Book Review: Suicide is for Mortals

Suicide is for Mortals is a recently published book written by Alyson Miers, an author who you might recognize as a commenter on some of the FtB sites, and a participant in the atheosphere. When I learned that she had a new book out, I decided to give it a read.

Book Cover for Suicide is for Mortals. Subtext "Do not take death for granted." Alyson Myers.  Cover art is a nebulous pink, blue and white shape
The story weaves together the lives of three beings: the ghost of an ex-US President, a talented human artist who can see her, and an undead journalist who spent much of his mortal life exposing the links between vampires and organized crime. They live in a country that has magic and a complicated relationship between the magical and the mundane.

Let’s get the worst out of the way: I picked up Suicide is for Mortals (After Rezata Book 1) about two weeks ago, and it took me about that long to chug through the first half of the book. The story started out slow and I set it down many times over that period. Miers takes a long time to set up her world. With that said, it is a unique world, and I do think that it will pay off in future books in the series. The story picked up in the later half; I was glued to the pages and found time to finish it in two evenings (and one of those evenings involved a UHaul and moving out of my old place into a new house in Minneapolis!). Continue reading “Book Review: Suicide is for Mortals”

Book Review: Suicide is for Mortals