Blog Chain Letter

Jana from LearnMakeThink tagged me in this “chain letter” blog post.  I thought it looked like fun, so I’m passing on the chain letter to YOU, all three of my regular readers!  If you have a blog or other form of web-based communication, feel free to write your own chain letter and post it there.  There’s a whole “seeing someone else’s handwriting in the digital age adds some personality/intimacy to the big anonymous electronic blogosphere” kind of deal also wrapped up in this.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was much more thought-provoking to put words to pen and paper – without the delete button and easy typing I did put more careful thought into what I wanted to write before letting it spill out onto the page.  Of course it took me probably three times longer to complete and my hand was cramping up from all that writing by the time I finished!

If you participate I encourage you to also hand-write your letter, take a photo of it and post the photo here.  Oh, and don’t forget to tag the blogs/people you name in #7 somewhere in your post.

  1. Name, Blog name
  2. Right-handed, left-handed, or both
  3. Favourite letters to write
  4. Least favourite thing to do
  5. Write your least favourite word in English
  6. Write your favourite words in any other language you can speak
  7. 7 people in Blogosphere, and what makes them special.  My addition – make the person (ahem, ME) who inspired you to participate in this exercise the seventh person on your list.
  8. Special note – Whatever serious or silly words you’d like to share.

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Blog Chain Letter