I Blame Adam Huber

What follows is a mostly true accounting of this evening’s events.

I’m a huge fan of Adam Huber’s webcomic, Bug. I’m such a fan, in fact, that tonight I went to his website looking for a merch page. I didn’t see any merch, but I did find some wallpapers. I hadn’t put a wallpaper on my laptop yet. I liked the simplicity of this one and it looked good with the way I like to configure my icons… So I thought, what the heck? and downloaded it:

It looks better when not filtered through a screen and a camera lens.

Not a full minute after I was done admiring the new wallpaper, I heard a buzz by my ear. I brushed my hair away from my face and as I turned my head slightly, I noticed my cat staring intently at the ceiling. Visions of Dr. Horrible flashed through my brain, and I thought “Thaaat’s….not…good.” as I slowly raised my eyes upward in the direction of the cat’s gaze.

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I Blame Adam Huber