Exciting Atheist Speakers in Minneapolis!

There are a couple of exciting events coming up, especially if you’re in the Twin Cities and interested in atheism and science.

TONIGHT JT Eberhard from FreeThought Blogs WWJTD will be speaking at the University of Minnesota for the student group CASH – Campus Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists. He’ll be giving a talk called “Activism and Why Atheism Rocks!”. Tonight, 7pm at Smith Hall, Room 231, 207 Pleasant Street SE, Minneapolis, MN. There’s talk of pizza and karaoke at nearby Campus Pizza afterwards.

SUNDAY I’m hosting the Atheists Talk radio show and podcast and we’re interview some guy who’s going to be talking about some stuff, which would be pretty meh except the guy is fricking Dr. LAWRENCE KRAUSS and the stuff he’ll be talking about are the wild ideas in his newest book The Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing. You can read my write-up for the event at the Minnesota Atheists Atheists Talk radio web page. And if you’re not local, the website will also tell you how to stream the interview and call or email with questions during Dr. Krauss’s visit.

And this one’s a bit farther out, but another FreeThought Blogger, Jen McCreight, the author of Blag Hag will be speaking at the March public meeting of Minnesota Atheists on March 18th. She’ll be giving her talk “God’s Lady Problem”. More details like time, location, etc. can be found at the Minnesota Atheists Meetup page for this event.


Exciting Atheist Speakers in Minneapolis!