One-Sided Conversation

“…and we’re having some work done on the house. We have a new guy painting inside today. He’s Chinese.”

(why is that important?)

“He said he’s from Malaysia”

(then he’s probably not Chinese)

“His name’s Ollie”

(where’s this going)

“And I said that doesn’t sound Chinese”

(oh my god)

“He just laughed. He thought it was funny.”

(I’m sure that’s exactly what he thought)

“He told me that people sometimes think he’s Mexican. I told him that he didn’t look Mexican to me.”


“Oh well…I better get going.”

(please go)

“It was so nice to see you again!”

(screaming on the inside)


One-Sided Conversation
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One thought on “One-Sided Conversation

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    Can I amuse you with a reverse example?

    I went on vacation recently and made a new friend in another country. We were introducing and describing ourselves to each other. Mine was easy and boring, hers was a long story. She said she didn’t consider herself to be from the country because she didn’t have citizenship, even though she lived there. She is also of mixed ancestry (parents from two countries), and had lived in a several countries for long periods of time (like me, she is over 40). She said she didn’t really have a term to describe herself.

    I said, “How about, ‘Citizen of the world’?” She laughed.

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