Fear and Paranoia

I was in the car this past Sunday morning and I flipped the radio on to MPR News. There was an interview underway by Rachel Martin of three young Republicans. I stopped to listen because I heard one of the women describe herself as a Black pro-LGBT attorney. I wanted to hear what things a young Black woman pro-LGBT attorney found enticing in the current Republican platform.

Unfortunately, before the interview got there they asked Will Estrada, a 32 year old home-schooling advocate, what he thought about the current conversation on immigration policies and Syrian refugees. I was able to find a transcript of the highlights from that interview:

WE: As an evangelical Christian, we see in the bible that we’re all created equal in the image of God and a lot of the rhetoric that is used in modern American politics detracts from that. We need to be caring for the poor and the vulnerable.

Good, good. I mean, we disagree on using the bible as a reference for policy, but if you want to draw inspiration from your holy book, this is the kind of message I’d prefer to see you use.

… But

Goddammit. There’s always a but with these guys.

having said that it also starts with we’ve got to protect our citizens, we’ve got to protect men, women, children here in America. And I’m very concerned, Rachel, and I think a lot of Americans are concerned when we see young men of military age coming over from war-torn countries, who we don’t know and we can’t verify. I always think, what would happen – that movie Red Dawn that came out in the 80s – what would happen if our country were attacked? Would we be fleeing or would we be fighting for our country?

Red Dawn? Really? Goddammit! You are representing young Republicans on frickin’ Weekend Edition and you’re going to use frickin’ RED DAWN as a reference!? I like to think that Rachel Martin shared my incredulity because she said:

RM: But Red Dawn is a fictionalized account that stirs up fear and paranoia.

Fear and Paranoia
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7 thoughts on “Fear and Paranoia

  1. 1

    That sounds like it should be a political cartoon. Maybe with the particular issue abstracted because honestly that’s a familiar dance. Something like:

    Annoying Person – We should all be good people.
    Other Person – I agree. That sounds reasonable.
    Annoying Person – BUT… We can’t be because reasons. (follow with litany: made up reasons and obviously wrong reasons and unreasonable reasons and unrelated reasons and nonsense reasons and…)
    Other Person – *stares* Your but stinks.

    1. 2.1

      Raises question of which values and principles exactly on what?

      I wonder if it occurs to any of these paranoia mongers that young men of military age are more targets for recruitment by the enemy they fear – and that one thing Da’esh hate badly is seeing young men they could brain-wash or compel to fight on their side (or outright massacre like the Bosnians of Sreberenitzja* actually leaving the areas they control and vote with their feet against their Kalifate and in favour of the West?

      I also wonder if these same paranoia and hate mongers wonder what these young men are supposed to fight with and against what and armed and supported with what and by whoem and would they give them the arms and training and gear required to fight this war or just throw them into the carnage they’ve fled untrained, unarmed and with no chance of actually doing much? Or if they arm them and train them then what? Even if they did succeed like the Mujahideen did in Afghanistan against the Soviets ..

      * Yeah, probably misspelt that badly typing from vague memory here, but think y know what I mean -the young Muslim Bosnian men were separated from their women and children by the Serb militia that captured them and were then mass murdered.

  2. 5

    The problem being, Jake, that most of the things you accuse muslims refugees of, are things that the average Republican presidential candidate supports (anti-gay, anti-women, anti-atheism, anti-religious tolerance). Not to mention the rape culture that already exists in the US.

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