The Mystery of the Missing Boardgame

This past fall I went to OmegaCon, a small convention that takes place in central Wisconsin and mostly involves a lot of pajama wearing and gameboard playing. About a month after the con I was in my office and noticed that I was missing my copy of Lords of Waterdeep. This made me very sad. I assumed that I must have left it at the convention, even though games very rarely end up missing at that particular con. With a shrug and a c’est la vie, I put it aside and figured I’d try to track it down or pick up a new copy at some point.

Come Christmas morning:

An board game box with fantasy warrior artwork and "Lords of Waterdeep" text across the top of the box. The lid is lifted up so a few unpunched game pieces are visible..

A open Lords of Waterdeep game. Not lost at OmegaCon after all! Quizzical look at the Hubby. “Hubby – why did you take my Lords of Waterdeep game off of my shelf and wrap it up as a gift for me?”

“No, that’s a new game.” He doesn’t offer any other explanations, so I deftly further the interview, “Why?”

“Well,” he starts, “your old game was in really bad shape. It was missing a bunch of pieces.”

“What? Did someone wreck it at OmegaCon? That’s shitty.”

“No, not exactly.” He walks over to the Christmas tree and pulls out this gigantic package that had been leaning against the wall.

“Ooooo….that’s for me!? I get the big present!? Wait…dear lord, what have you done?”

A large framed shadowbox. The Lords of Waterdeep gameboard is affixed centrally. Game pieces, player mats and game coins are affixed in all of the other previously free spaces along the sides. The effect is utterly riotous.

“My old game was missing a lot of pieces, huh?”

Yup, that’s a giant Lords of Waterdeep mural, made up of pieces from my old game. The mural now hangs in the front room so the nerdiness of the household can be declared immediately upon entry. No coyness here. It really is quite a thing to behold. The Hubby had a lot of fun explaining why the game it was set up the way it was. Some things are purely asthetic; in pure nerd bliss, we spent a while critiquing the set up, and pointing out the impossible (“You’re never going to get someone with over 100 points before the fifth round of a base game!” “But I wanted to display the 100 point marker!”).

A man in jeans and blue sweatshirt (Hubby) stands proudly next to the newly hung Lords of Waterdeep mural. A couch is visible in the foreground.

The Mystery of the Missing Boardgame
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