7 Days of Nature Photos: Day 7

It’s the last day of the Nature Photo Challenge. Thanks to everyone who photo’d along; I enjoyed the company – and you all shared some pretty incredible photos.

Day 7: Powderhorn Park at Night

Dark trees with bare branches spaced out among short pale green grass. A car and house and street lamps are peeking out in the background.The sky is artificially light due to light pollution and a low f stop setting on my lens.

Nature photos are a challenge for a 9am-5pm working Minnesotan in the winter time. I went out to Powderhorn Park borrowed some lamp light, and some help from my f/1.8 lens and a tripod to get a decent shot of these trees.

Reader Contributions!

From Giliell:

Zoo 096


Pilzsuche 001

Mushroom hunt

From Pete M. in Pheonix, Arizona:

PBGR_6-7-14_Papago Pk_2009

One of my favorite birds, a Pied-billed Grebe at the city park I consider my home patch in Phoenix. This is an adult in its breeding finery.

7 Days of Nature Photos: Day 7
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      Ha! I left Colorado 30 years ago, and have never shoveled snow since. Of course, the day I shot this grebe it was maybe 100°F, and only the first week of June, so that might be tough on a Coloradan. Whereabouts in Colorado do you live?

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