7 Days of Nature Photos: Day 5

My friend Ben challenged me to a 7-day nature photo challenge, and that seems like fun, so I’m going to take him up on it. If you want to play along, you can send me a photo at [email protected]hotmail.com and I’ll post your nature photo up here with credit in the form of name, nom de guerre, website, etc. and we’ll nature photo the shit out of this challenge.

Day 5: Winter Berries

Nature Challenge Day 5

Reader contributions!

From Phil H:


This is a magpie that was sitting in my grandparents’ nectarine tree yesterday. Not having much to do, and without anything worthwhile on the TV, we all went outside to watch it jumping around (originally it was much deeper into the tree) and calling out for a good half hour.

From Leslie P:


I took this last winter of my car in Stamford, CT!

7 Days of Nature Photos: Day 5
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