7 Days of Nature Photos: Day 1

My friend Ben challenged me to a 7-day nature photo challenge, and that seems like fun, so I’m going to take him up on it. If you want to play along, you can send me a photo at [email protected] and I’ll post your nature photo up here with credit in the form of name, nom de guerre, website, etc. and we’ll nature photo the shit out of this challenge.

Day 1: Setting Sun Nature Photo

The sun has set. A thin strip of orange is visible beneath a blanket of black clouds. A dark blue sky still faintly touched by the last of the sun is at the top of the photo and is reflected off the still surface of a lake in the background bottom of the photo. Tall trees with bare branches an skeletons of low bushes are black silhouettes against the lake and sky.

This is the product of a Galaxy S4 – I am still amazed at what cell phone cameras can do these days. I mean, sure, it would be clearer with my Nikon and a tripod, but not bad for a handheld night shot.

This is the view from my the back of my work building. After nearly 10 years, the view remains a reason to get out of bed in the morning on days when the going is tough.

7 Days of Nature Photos: Day 1
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    Is this related to the seven-day nature photo challenge that’s been making the rounds on facebook for the last month, or so? I did that, and just finished on November 30th. It’s a bunch of fun, and has the advantage that friends and followers who aren’t usually into nature photography are getting to see more of nature than ever before.

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