Vertigo sucks

As a mostly neurotypical, healthy adult, I’m not used to being in situations where my body betrays me. But vertigo has laid my ass out. The diagnosis from the PT is Unilateral vestibular hypofunction, and she says it usually resolves in 3-14 days (that’s a wide range, innit?) as long as I regularly practice these focusing exercises  that she gave me (which I’m supposed to do for about two minutes OR until I feel slightly horrid – nauseous, off-balance or out-of-focus)

photo is of a Popsicle stick with a smiley face drawn at one end.
At least my PT equipment is low-tech, and thus, cheap. I’m supposed to hold it in front of me, keep my eyes trained on the smiley face and move my head back and forth, then up and down, for two minutes or until I feel like I’m going to hurl. Good times. I’m already done with that smiley face.

The most debilitating part is not the loss of balance, but the associated nausea and the extreme concentration that’s needed to do almost everything (typing this blog post is ending me).It hasn’t affected my desire to get work done, and has increased my anxiousness about everything that’s not getting done, but it has made everything extremely difficult and tiring.

Big shout out to those of you who routinely deal with these kind of symptoms. Imma go lay down now.

Vertigo sucks
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3 thoughts on “Vertigo sucks

  1. 1

    If any of your other senses go out — eyes, ears, taste, smell, touch — you can still function in the world in one way or another. But if your sense of balance goes, all you can do is cling to the bed and not move.

  2. 2

    As always, the standard “talk to your dr first” rules apply.

    As someone who, luckily, only occasionally has vertigo (benign positional vertigo), there’s an exercise I do to deal with it. It shifts the little particles in the ear to the right spot, and is pretty simple. The first time I experienced vertigo, I was a wreck and couldn’t sleep.

    Additionally, motion sickness pills (Dramamine) helped me alot too.

    For the nausea, there are wrist bands that you can get from a local drugstore, like CVS, that press on a spot on your inner wrist and help too.

  3. Rob

    Vertigo does suck. My partner suffered very badly from this for a while. Eventually she was advised to try the Epley Manoeuvre which worked like a charm after just a few repetitions. Of course, if you do have UVH that will not help.

    All the best

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