I don’t want to be Elfstar anymore!

Oh my FSM – the Hubby and I just finished Dark Dungeons and I think I tore some nasal tissue from all of that snorting. I wish I would have had a chance to contribute to the Kickstarter for this film. By playing it straight, the director and cast highlight the delightful, hilarious absurdity of the claims intimated by the original Chick tract. They even managed to get a book burning in. Good on ’em!

Front of a DVD case showing the Dark Dungeons artwork - a shrouded figure holds a dagger and one hand held up to the view, moving through a cloud of smoke.

Like Debbie and Marcie, I didn’t have any experience with RPGs until college. And the RPGers were definitely thought of as the most popular kids at school (hahahaha!). And like Debbie I did unwittingly chant spells from the Necronomicon…oh no, wait. That didn’t happen. What happened is I spent way too much of my meager college money on source books and costume pieces (LARP is so waaaaay cooler than pencil and paper nerdery), devoted untold hours to studying fictional lore, and spent six hours every Saturday night running around Winona State’s empty English hall brandishing index cards filled out with handwritten weapon names and stats and throwing rock paper scissors. And then going out to Perkins at midnight to devour french fries and bottomless carafes of coffee.

It was awesome. No calling Cthulhu from the depths as far as I recall. Although I did have this one Gangrel character that was decent at Animalism until…goddamned Setites.

I don’t want to be Elfstar anymore!
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7 thoughts on “I don’t want to be Elfstar anymore!

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    This may not make sense at some point, but I just wanted to make the first non-spam comment (seriously, two of them as I write this).

    I’ve never even heard of this movie, but damn, I want to see it now. Any film based on a Chick Track has to be worth the price of admission. Hell, just the “Based on Graphic Novel” in the picture is hilarious!

    1. 2.1

      Don’t feel like being inexperienced shuts you out of tabletop RP! It’s true that there are some tabletop RPers who have a gatekeeper mentality, but look for groups who are open to new players.

      Also, don’t restrict yourself to D&D; although it’s far and away the most widespread and popular game and therefore has the most players, there are a LOT of other games out there that cater to all sorts of playstyles and themes.

  2. 3

    And new games are coming out all the time! There’s always a new rule set out there, meaning that you could jump in and there will be nobody with years of experience on you in at least that particular game.

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    Sooooo…I don’t believe that at any point I said or implied that I am currently inexperienced with pencil and paper RPGs. I said that I didn’t do any RPGing until college, but I’ve put my time in since then. And I still maintain that LARPs are way more…no wait…so waaaaay cooler than tabletop. Suck it WSU RPSIG! Nah, I’m kidding. I love those guys.

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