Mr. Paul Aints vs. Winnipeg Goldeyes

This past Saturday evening, the Hubby and I went to see a baseball game at the new CHS Field in Saint Paul’s Lowertown neighborhood. We’re not really sports people, but this Saturday was a special event – it was the third annual Mr. Paul Aints game!

Photo of the CHS Field Jumbotron. Advertising is on the borders, the main central portion shows the Aints logo - beginning with a large red capital "A."

The Saint Paul Saints is the minor league baseball team in the Twin Cities, but on Saturday the team donned special jerseys and hats and became the Mr. Paul Aints. Minnesota Atheists and Foundation Beyond Belief came together to sponsor the annual atheism visibility event. Soles4Souls partnered with us to collect gently used shoes from attendees; the promotion was called “Leave Your Soles at the Gate.” We had our boxes filled by the start of the game!

Eric Jayne mans the welcome table near the front gate. A large box stands ready to accept shoe donations

Eric Jayne mans the Minnesota Atheists welcome table and donation bin for Soles4Souls.

The Hubby places a pair of shoes into the donation bin

The Hubby drops some shoes into the donation bin.

Before the game, local members of Minnesota Atheists – and a few godless travelers from farther out in the state – tailgated in the parking lot. There were happy faces all around as we shared beer, hot dogs and heathenish companionship.

Grilling hot dogs on a charcoal grill and tailgating with heathens

Godless grilling

As game time neared we packed up and made our ways to our seats. The stadium was packed – sold out, to be precise! – and there were a huge number of “standing room only” attendees. As the sponsoring guests we had section 112 reserved, and we were greeted with our very own welcome sign.

Me crouched down by a sign that reads "Infidel" and trying to not drop popcorn, soda and tickets

All I’m thinking here is “Don’t drop the sodapopcorntickets.”

Eric Jayne and son prepare to throw out the honorary first pitch

Eric Jayne and son prepare to throw out the honorary first pitch

The announcers and stadium performers hammed it up for us. We had an appearance from Doubting Thomas, and during one of the mid-inning changeovers there was a relay race game on the field that ostensibly had something to do with evolution, involving two people breaking out of being saran-wrapped together (the big bang…just go with it), slip-n-slides and monkey head masks.

Mid-inning shenanigans involving a pig and two foam beer bottle suits

Business as usual: Mid-inning shenanigans at CHS Field

During another break an attendee played “Sole or No Sole” in which she had to look at cropped photo of a famous person on the large screen and guess if they were wearing shoes or not. For example, Paul McCartney on Abbey Road – No Sole! Ghandi – had a sole (wearing sandals). There were jokes about science, evolution, souls, afterlife, and non-belief.

CHS Field Jumbotron shows an image of a person's legs and feet. One foot has a shoe on it, the other foot is bare. Text reads "Who's Got Sole?"

The Saint Paul Saints organization is pretty cool.

And to top it all off, the Mr. Paul Aints beat the Winnipeg Goldeyes 7-4! Praise be to his noodly appendage!

Mr. Paul Aints vs. Winnipeg Goldeyes
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