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Tonight I went to Barnes and Noble and brought home quite the diverse haul: a collection of Lovecraft stories, a SparkChart on the Bible, a book of origami paper, one of them trendy “adult” coloring books, Carl Zimmer’s Science Ink. And this:

A simple red book entitled "500 WRITING PROMPTS"

I’ve recently attended several fiction-focused conventions and have been talking about writing and thinking about writing and social media-ing about writing. And so maybe I’ll do some writing.

I find writing prompts good for flash fiction, for letting the imagination loose and seeing what comes out. I enjoyed writing this quick, sleep-deprived piece that I did as part of an SSA blogathon back in 2012.

I also thought this might be a nice way for me to explore writing with pen/paper. I prefer to write with a keyboard because I feel that my typing speed does a decent job of keeping up with my thoughts. Also, less finger cramping with typing than with handwriting. But a lot of my writer friends have extolled the undefined awesomeness of writing with pen and paper so I’ll give it a try. This book has short, medium and full page prompts, so I won’t have to do too much handwriting in any given sitting . And I get to play with word limits!

The writing prompts book opened to two pages that show prompts interspersed with lines for writing.


My first flash fiction from the book:

Prompt: Name the top ten things on your bucket list.

Carl sweated. The words took on depth and shadow until they coalesced into a dark smear of black on the shiny magazine page. “Who comes up with this crap?” he wondered. He grew angry. Bucket lists? He scoffed at the idea. At 32 Carl had done everything that he wanted almost as soon as the urge struck: Skydiving in Wisconsin near his childhood home. Scuba diving in Belize. Walking through the ruins of Rome. Why make a bucket list when you could just go out and do it?

He threw the magazine down on the stack next to him and silently fumed. The minutes ticked by. Carl’s anger ebbed away, leaving a hollowness that might have resembled self-pity. “I’d like to see my little Isobella get married someday,” he mumbled quietly. His thoughts were interrupted as the chemotherapy nurse walked into the waiting room and called his name. Carl rose and absently grabbed the magazine as he stepped forward to follow him into the treatment area.

Yes, I think this will be fun.

Thoughts and critiques are welcome!

Writing for Fun
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    hi! can you give more information about the book? you know, the author’s name, price and where can i find it because i asked in some libraries and they doesn’t know anything about it.

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