It’s CONvergence Time!

CONvergence is an annual sci-fi/fantasy convention that takes place here in the Twin Cities. The 2015 theme is dystopian futures.

Banner from CONvergence 2015: DoublePlusGood

People have been hard at work all week to get the hotels up and in CONvergence shape! The Hubby and I will be checking in tomorrow morning to join the badge line and then start attending panels and cosplay watching.

I’m on four panels this year:

Monster Madness: Who will be victorious in a post-apocalyptic tournament for monster domination? We’ll pit zombies vs. vampires, aliens vs. mutants, and more in head-to-head debates. The audience will choose the winner of each round and ultimately the victor. Panelists: Brianne Bilyeu, Emily Finke, Raychelle Burks (mod), Jennifer Ouellette, Rebecca Watson

The Handmaid’s Tale: Atwood’s 1985 dystopian novel about a US overthrown by a totalitarian Christian theocracy still rings eerily true amid the events of this decade. We’ll discuss how religion and politics have mirrored the book and what we can do to avoid its bleak future. Panelists: Brianne Bilyeu, Amanda Marcotte, Rebecca Watson (mod), Heina Dadabhoy, Steph Montgomery

Black Mirror: Our Reflections On Social Media: Does social media make us monsters or reveal the monsters we already are? Black Mirror explores how we use tech to serve our social and emotional needs, often to horrific ends. How close are we to what we see in the show’s near and distant futures? Panelists: Heina Dadabhoy, Jamie Bernstein, Dani Price, Brianne Bilyeu, Lathan Murrell

Bodily Autonomy and Reproductive Rights in a Dystopian Future: In a dystopian future, will procreation be a choice or a duty? Will having too many children be a crime? When do the rights of the many override women’s rights? We’ll discuss the political, social and environmental implications. Panelists: Amanda Marcotte, Brianne Bilyeu, Rebecca Watson (mod), Steph Montgomery, Nicole Forcine

So, yeah. I’m pretty psyched about all of that. The full schedule is here.

We’re staying in the tall tower of the Doubletree. I’m not complaining because I’m pretty lucky to have a room at all this year (grrr…room lottery), but I am wary of the elevator line. This is the first time that we’ll actually have access to the pool area though, and it might be neat to watch some of the hullabaloo from the hot tub!

I’ll be spending some time in the FreethoughtBlogs party room every night. We’re having salons ‘cuz we’re fancy. PZ (with guest Jeremy Messersmith), Stephanie, Heina, Jason and Miri are doing panels on all sorts of topics. If you’re going to be around, look for our fancy room party signs for our fancy salons on Friday and Saturday night.

And SkepchickCon is on as always! The Spack Lab will be back with rocking room parties, low-stim parties, salons and Sandbox activities. And the Skepchick panel track, of which the four above are only a few.

I’m fading. Must sleep. Too excited to sleep. See you at con!

It’s CONvergence Time!
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