Suffragette Movie

Wow. Have you seen the trailers for this movie?

Here’s the UK Trailer from YouTube:

The other trailer that I’ve seen is from Huffpo, which you can see here (redirects to Facebook).

I’ve almost not managed to sob after watching them through four or five times. Each.

Have you heard of it? Looking forward to it? Any thoughts or concerns?

Suffragette Movie
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One thought on “Suffragette Movie

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    In the US, some states allowed women to vote, with some including women in all public votes and some including women only with things like school board elections. The 19th Amendment did served mainly to bring uniformity across the nation. But in the UK, women had NO vote, at any level. Their fight was much harder.

    I will definitely see this if it comes to Seattle. I also hope someone does something similar for American history, say, focusing on Alice Paul.

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