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The Hubby and I owned a house from 2003-2005 in Rochester, Minnesota. Two apartments and one or three major life decisions later and we’ve found ourselves diving back into home ownership. It’s been a hectic couple of months. We’ve been dealing with all of the headaches and suspense that comes with house-hunting and buying: realtors, inspectors, appraisers, mortgage lenders. At times it seemed that the two of us really had very little to do with the process.

But it’s done. We’re in. Mostly.

It’s interesting to look back at where I was in 2003 and where I’m at now in terms of finances, career, hobbies and interests, my ten-year plan. I can tell that I’m approaching this home owning experience with a very different perspective than I had in 2003.

One thing that isn’t different is moving shit from one location to the other. Books are still heavy, glasses are still fragile, and the damned queen size box spring mattress still won’t fit up a staircase.

Queen bedspring - two side-by-side photos. One shows the original frame, second shows the deconstructed boxspring (the five long cross beams have been removed).

Deconstructing a queen-size box spring. We’ve been burned twice with our box spring mattresses. In Rochester the stairs were too steep and the ceiling was too low. In this new house we have a split staircase – a landing and a 180° twist half way up the staircase. In both cases the solution is of medium difficulty and time suck, but straightforward. On the left is the mattress in its undisturbed state. The photo on the right was taken after we pulled the staples out of the fabric and crowbarred off the longer wooden slats. Once that support is gone, the metal is flexible enough to bend around the staircase without warping the metal. Upstairs we replaced the long wooden slats; this time with screws so that we can more easily remove them in the future, should it be necessary. It feels nice to be able to continue to use perfectly functional material, and it’s certainly cheaper than buying a queen split frame!

We’ve been conducting ourselves in predictably new homeowner ways. We’ve evaded most of our social obligations and invitations for the past few weeks and busied ourselves with building this new nest of ours. This past Saturday we spent sun up to sun down working in the lawn and oddball urban gardens that we inherited from the previous owners. On Sunday we populated shelves, lugged furniture up stairs, and moved bookcases back and forth in the world’s most tedious game of Tetris. On Monday we spent all day hunting Le Wild Furniture at stores of all types, ranging from Goodwill to Hom. We’ve been to more hardware stores in the past two weeks than the past two years.

The Hubby poses with a shopping cart full of packing material and lawn and garden supplies.

One our many hardware store runs.

Yay for new adventures! One thing that may pull me out of nesting mode is that I finally managed to activate the internet at our new place. And the TV is up. And I know where I stashed our borrowed copies of Babylon 5. Mwahahaha!

Back to Minneapolis
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