Woe is Moi

CN: Injury/medical

I can haz sprained/strained ainkle? Yes, can haz.

The Hubby and I have been having a lot of fun in the spring weather – walking, bicycling, flying kites and hiking. Yesterday we went to Minnehaha Dog Park and managed to get a little way in before I fell. It was a scary fall. I lost my footing stepping down a small hill – my right foot slide down out in front of me and my ass landed squarely on my heel and back of the left ankle, as if I was in a kneeling meditation (plantar flexion?). There was an audible pop and I thought I had finally lost my record of no broken bones ever. I yelled “That was a bad one! That was a bad one! That was a bad one!” and laid there in a daze while the Hubby checked for broken bones. After a few minutes I was able to flex my ankle without much pain, no grinding sensations and there was no immediate swelling or darkening of the skin. We hobbled back out a half mile to the car. The muscles did swell up later in the day, in spite of much resting, ice, compression, elevation and Advil. We ended up grabbing some crutches from Walgreens because hopping around on one foot got really old, really fast and I was entertaining the idea that I would go to work today.

LOL and then I woke up this morning and decided that was a big ol’ nope. The ankle needs another day of rest and I’m giving it that.

So I’m home today. I didn’t bring my work computer home this weekend so I can’t do work. I’m twiddling my thumbs a bit because the discomfort of the ankle is making everything much more work than it should be. I did manage to get a few non-work business calls taken care of, but nothing sounds great because I’m just…uncomfortable. It’s not painful, but the feeling of pressure and keeping my leg elevated and the twinges of pain if I move it too much or not enough and the awful sensation from soaking in ice water and the annoyance of keeping the cat off of my ankle – it’s all moderately grumpy making.

A bag of ice laying across my lower leg on a towel, my socked toes peeking out in the background.

I took a few photos of my swollen ankle to post here, but they’re so gross that I decided to just go with yesterday’s icing-the-ankle photo. You’re welcome.

So I thought I’d blog a bit and share the crabbiness with you all. I’m probably going to put out a couple more posts today because I’ve done everything I can on my freemium games for the next couple of hours, I’m bored with Gray’s Anatomy, I can’t play any more online Lords of Waterdeep or Carcassone, and the PS3 is a long hop away from where I’m currently sitting. I do have a puzzle within arms reach, Kelly McCoullough’s Broken Blade, and some water colors that I’ve been meaning to play with since we got back from Australia. But I’d have to go get water for that last one. And then I might remember how much I need to pee and that the bathroom’s on another floor.

But at least I didn’t break it. Big heartfelt gratitude for that stroke of luck.

Here are some photos from the walk before the fall.

Muddy, well-worn trail through the woods; a low chain link fence on the left of the trail.

The trees are starting to bud!

A log carved into the shapes of animals and painted.

Somebody carved this log and left it for other hikers to enjoy.

The Hubby crouches inside a small enclosure built from young logs and thick branches.

We ran across a clearing that had five or six of these small shelters.

Woe is Moi
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    Please tell me you went to the Doctor or ER and got it x-rayed. And if you didn’t, please do so. You don’t know what it is you’ve really got there otherwise.

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