Minnesota Spring Walk Photos

The weather has been interesting – as it tends to be in Minnesota springtime. Here are some photos from a recent walk – and a bonus bald eagle at the end!

Looking out over a medium-sized pond that has started to thaw around the edges. Tall brown grasses ring the edges and a play area is visible in the background.

The ducks are starting to return to the duck pond near my apartment in Saint Louis Park.

A walking path forks to the left and right. Brown leaves and bare trees are seen throughout the photo.

On the walking path – left or right?

A tree covered in bright white bark fades into brown near the base of the tree.

Pssst…your roots are showing. I found the way the bark on this tree fades from white to brown eye-catching.

A temporary hockey rink structure in a neighborhood park. The warmer weather has left flat brown grass where once there was ice.

Temporary hockey rink: all melted!

A wide angle of a brown grass soccer field, lines yet undrawn in the preseason. Gray clouds cover the sky. Apartment complexes can be seen in the background.

A view of the soccer field and gray cloud cover.

View is from a pitchers mound, looking toward home plate across brown grass.

The Parks and Rec crew will soon be by to start sprucing up the baseball fields in the park.

Bonus eagle!

Bald eagle sitting on a thick tree branch, looking over the edge at a tasty morsel that it dropped to the ground below.

During the spring thaw and early northward migration, bald and golden eagles stop by a lake near my work to feed on fish and the occasional slow-moving rodent. This time of year is magical for birdwatching. This bird is looking down at the ground; it’s just dropped a juicy red morsel of something.

Minnesota Spring Walk Photos
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