Anti-Gay? Thanks for letting me know!

Last week RawStory reported on Oklahoma Democratic state Rep. Emily Virgin’s amendment to the outlandish and outrageous proposed Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act. Freaking RFRAs are popping up every which way this year. In the case of this particular one, certain wedding businesses would be allowed to deny services to anyone they don’t like just ‘cuz. Err…I mean – religious freedomz!!!

Rep. Virgin’s amendment would require that bigots clearly post their bigotry in a manner that would let potential patrons know which brand of bigotry they would be supporting by shopping with any particular store. From Rawstory:

The amendment to HB1371 introduced by Virgin on Tuesday would require religious businesses to come out of the closet.

“Any person not wanting to participate in any of the activities set forth in subsection A of this section based on sexual orientation, gender identity or race of either party to the marriage shall post notice of such refusal in a manner clearly visible to the public in all places of business, including websites,” the amendment states.

“The notice may refer to the person’s religious beliefs, but shall state specifically which couples the business does not serve by referring to a refusal based upon sexual orientation, gender identity or race.”

Yes! Please do let me know if I will be boycotting your shop. How convenient for me!

This is, of course, a stop gap. I cannot wait for us to cycle out of this ridiculous popularity of the “religious freedom” defense of asshattery. Soon? Please?

Anti-Gay? Thanks for letting me know!
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5 thoughts on “Anti-Gay? Thanks for letting me know!

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    The OK leg won’t pass that rule. If they do, they’d allow such notice to be in a locked files cabinet in a sub basement only accessed via a narrow stair in a locked rook with a sign “Beware of the Leopard” on it.

    Then they’ll let the business say “But it was posted, you just didn’t see it.”

  2. 4

    Brilliant! Proper functioning of the free market requires all actors to have complete information. I look forward to the pretzel logic the “freedom” advocates come up with to explain why this amendment is bad and they won’t be supporting it.

  3. 5

    I keep asking where in the bibble does it say that you can’t make a cake for a gay wedding, or allow lesbians to stay at your bed and breakfast. No response so far,

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