Pregnancy Doesn’t Have To Be A Crisis

I just spent the last twenty minutes digging through the website of a “pregnancy and family resource center” located here in the Twin Cities. The organization that I was reading about looks like they have a pretty decent program, focusing on providing prenatal care, helping with getting medical insurance, providing physical resources (cribs, clothes, diapers, food, etc.), support groups, referrals to mental health programs and housing programs, and life skills and job skills training. Because you know where this is going, dear reader, there was of course the conspicuous lack of “abortion” or “pregnancy termination” referral in the many services that the group offers. I finally found the language I was looking for in one of the testimonial videos in which they advertise that they offer prayer and talk about “women in crisis.”

On the one hand, a center like this looks damned fine. They claim to accept all comers and appear to care about families both before and after the client gives birth. They seem like real. nice. people. For the right person – someone who has decided to have a baby and needs the offered services – this might be an excellent resource.

But make no mistake, they are a crisis pregnancy center. CPCs are different from legit family planning groups that your run-of-the-mill medical professional or pro-choice counselor might recommend. The give away is that CPCs view unplanned pregnancies as crises. They can’t help it; if termination is not an option, unplanned pregnancy can most definitely be a crisis.

CPCs assume that a pregnancy is a done deal and they are attempting to solve a problem that doesn’t (have to) exist: “Okay, you’re pregnant. That means you’re having a baby. How can we help you deal with this?” And some CPCs really do seem to care about the person they claim to want to help, but they are starting at a fundamentally biased place in the reproductive health care spectrum: abortion is off the table.

As we who value a person’s right to the full spectrum of reproductive options know, pregnancy doesn’t have to result in a baby. Pregnancy doesn’t have to be a crisis. Not that abortion is exactly easily accessible these days, but that’s a different hurdle altogether.

Also, among the things that this lovely-seeming CPC doesn’t offer is pregnancy prevention counseling or resources. So they again reveal that their primary care is for the fetuses inside of the people who come to them for help.

Pregnancy Doesn’t Have To Be A Crisis
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17 thoughts on “Pregnancy Doesn’t Have To Be A Crisis

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    Agree. You know, it seems like if they would stick to the mission of assisting people who need assistance during pregnancy and stop being so judgy about those who need to terminate, they would have the potential of being a nice place Planned Parenthood (and other places who actually are licensed medical facilities!) could refer people to. ah well i can dream.

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    The fact that they don’t even provide any resources for pregnancy prevention says to me that they don’t even really care about the fetuses. Easy access to and education about contraception would probably prevent a solid percentage of abortions that happen. That they don’t consider that an option either suggests their priorities lies in one place- trying to ensure that there are negative consequences for any woman who has sex.

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    June, there was a time (I’m talking 1970s) when exactly that happened between Birthright and Planned Parenthood. If a woman went to Birthright and said she wanted an abortion, they would say they don’t themselves approve of abortion, but would refer her to Planned Parenthood. If a woman went to Planned Parenthood and said she wanted to carry to term and needed help, they would refer her to Birthright. But in the 1980s any cooperation with abortion/birth control/sex education/rape prevention became a bad thing to “culture warriors”.

    In fact many CPCs offer no services. They promise women they will help with medical and personal expenses, counseling, etc. but once the woman does not have the abortion, their Christian duty is done. The carrying case delivered. And once the fertilized egg actually does become a baby they stop caring.

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